With two minutes to go

December 19, 2018 ☼ article

So far I had a streak of daily post for 17 days and today the end of the streak seemed close. I have still 13 minutes…

The short version is that I walked around, drove a lot of bike (116 minutes according to Fit), listened to concerts, announced some other concert, been teaching and currently, now 10 minutes before the streak ends take a break from wrapping gifts.

During all those bike rides, and some following walks, I continued listening to the Murderbot series, which is still fun. I’m now in the third book and I guess soon at the end of it. During all this time, I had so far not had the time to even look at my RSS feeds, and have no real idea what has been going on so far. Soon, maybe.

While I now look at my wrapped gifts, it is save to say, that, if nothing else, I might go into history as one of the lesser gifted gift-wrappers. At least I only had to deal (so far at least, 4 more minutes) with square boxes, which helps a lot.

Now with three minutes spare, I’ll save the proof-reading and simply add a picture of our sleeping cat:

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