The new Doctor

December 2, 2018 ☼ article

By accident I learned that Season 11 of everyone’s favourite Doctor is already available around here

Of course I was aware that series 11 of Doctor Who with the new Doctor performed by Jodie Whittaker was airing on the BBC for a while already. I’m not living under a rock, at least not a large one. What I wasn’t aware of though, is that the show also airs on Yle a day or so later, they do so even streaming. This is awesome news. I was already having issues avoiding spoilers.

I did though figure this out during the airing of episode 7 (like in the last few minutes) with the earliest available episode for streaming being #4. And due to concert activities and related travelling missed watching that.

Either way, I started with episode 5 and am currently catching up with epsidode 7, Kerblam, and do like the new Doctor, performed by Jodie Whittaker a lot. It adds a very nice and new twist to the show.

At first I was a tad confused about the influx of new characters (as in the Doctor’s entourage) in the show, after all I started mid-season, but I guess their backstory I will figure out, once I managed to watch episode 1-4, which I hope I’ll manage soon.

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