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December 29, 2018 ☼ links

A little bit of a link-backlog had been accumulated in my todo-list/notebook aka my currently unexplainable and cryptic note-taking system (i.e. it’s all over the place) and it’s time for a little link-dump of posts from all around the interwebs that I found interesting in no particular order.

Marc Myers had a post this Friday (yesterday by the time this is published) featuring two great documentaries. One being The Art Of Improvisation, a TV-special from the 60’s featuring a somewhat all-star-band under direction of Benny Goodman and the other one being Homecoming, a documentary on Don Byas’ one-time return to NY. Both documentaries are in one clip on You Tube with a length of 1.22 hours, which is reads as: haven’t yet watched it myself, but plan to do so.

I have linked plenty to Jazz Wax in the past and this blog is one of my favourites.

The Brothers Brick featured the Star Wars Trench Run which is simply breathtaking. So much detail on the outside and inside and of course it’s huge. Some more images of it on Flickr.

Bill Gates talked on his blog about the digitisation of Leonardo DaVinici’s The Codex Leicester”, which was very interesting, yet I hoped to find it online. One search let to another and I ended up finding something completely different though, namely the Discovering Antarctica” story on Google Arts & Culture a website/app that I wish I would spent more time on.

In the same category falls the post A Beautifully-Designed Edition of Euclid’s Elements from 1847 Gets Digitized: Explore the New Online, Interactive Reproduction on Open Culture. The digitized version is a pleasure to explore. Related: I wish I actually also would spend more time with this.

And at the end something entirely different:

The fine folks over at iA have made their new fonts for iA Writer available on Github. I know, they did so earlier, but now they have two more fonts, Duo and Quattro available as well.

Also I came around the Wallpaperhub, which features some very beautiful wallpapers out of the Windows world, sporting one those myself at the moment.

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