Some notes on Podcasts and Audiobooks

December 3, 2018 ☼ podcasts

Despite my recent intention to step back from audiobooks for a while a focus on catching up with my podcast-backlog I only managed to take a minor break and caught up with my podcasts (mostly by unsubscribing or simply marking episodes in bulk as played) and then went back to Audible.

I did though enjoy listening to podcasts more regularly again and am now fully up to speed with Wolverine (I hope Marvel will produce more shows like this), the most recent All About Android as well as Return Home and Limetown — Season 2 which both are still ongoing. Also tried a new science show Daniel & Jorge explain the Universe which is fun and interesting.

Once I had my podcast situation under control I, after finishing Scalzi’s Consuming Fire I continued with Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets and inspired by today’s post on got me George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers which I will get to once I finished another audiobook of german pulp-fiction John Sinclair. Next in line are either Stephen King’s The Stand or Justin Cronin’s The Passage, haven’t yet decided.

Since the end of the year is getting close, a post with some stats of the year, including my reading-list will be coming up.

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