The Pori’-chord symbol font for Sibelius

December 8, 2018 ☼ sibelius

For the longest time I have been working on getting my lead-sheet style in the editor of my choice just right, the one thing that I always found the point of failure were the look of the chord-symbols. I really like the style of the The New Real Book but neither Finale, Musescore or Sibelius came close. Alas, this seems to have changed now.

As announced in the post Introducing the Norfolk and Pori chord symbol fonts for Sibelius on Scoring Notes the people behind NYC Music Services have ported Dorico’s Petaluma font (no, I’m not going to try Dorico as well, although I’m tempted) to Sibelius and judging by the screenshots it looks just like what I’m looking for.

The one thing I’m wondering is how this font does blend with the other handwritten” fonts in Sibelius, but I guess I will figure that out once I have given it a thorough try.

The Pori font (amongst others) is available on the NYC Music Services site.

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