31 day streak achieved

January 1, 2019 ☼ journal

Even though I didn’t really plan for it, I managed a 31 day streak, at least one post a day for a month! This is also the longest streak I had on this blog, since its inception ten years ago. Great!

A look at the posting stats for 2018: July wasn’t really a busy month. But that was also a time I moved the blog over to Blot.im. For a while..

Early in the month I realized that I had a little streak already and then challenged myself to continue. Most of the time it was rather easy, and the more I published the easier it got. To be fair, not all of them were posts that I spent a long time writing, some were of course status updates.

So there is hope that I might, might be able to continue for a while. At least a little while. Let’s see.

FYI: I wrote every single post in post Gutenberg, which I enjoy a lot and I’m not getting the negative-responses to it. It is simple, intuitive and most importantly, so minimal. It has only what I need for writing for this blog.

Update: I already forgot about the one time I almost didn’t manage. Guess it wasn’t always that easy.

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