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January 13, 2019 ☼ article

The first week at work after vacation was as busy as one might expect and I found myself starring” a lot of articles in my feed-reader, but never came really around reading them, not even talking about even sharing them.

Jazz Wax posted again a great interview, this time with none other than Miles Davis from 1984. The questions are indeed hilarious. Having it running right now.

I finally came around watching Doctor Who’s Resolutions, the new year’s episode. I like it a lot, and the day after watched it a second time. And talking about the Doctor… Via IO9 I learned that the BBC offers downloads of the original scripts on it’s Writers Rooms site. I, to be honest doubt that I will find the time to read them, but it’s nice in any way.

After finishing the Stephen King’s The Stand” in the beginning of the week, I the other day started V.A.Schwab’s Vengeful: Villians, Book 2. I enjoyed the first book and am looking forward now how the story continues 📚.

I have started to do some work in Musescore 3 now. Turns out some tasks are much faster and better solved here, but others on the other hand feel more cumbersome. I will have to give it a bit more try. Overall, I do have though managed to get already some very good looking and easy to read sheets out of it.

I haven’t had yet much chance to check out what is actually new in Android Pie. The most obvious difference is of course, the better notifications. I still have to dig in deeper.

Despite my indecisiveness whether to use Microsoft ToDo or stick to Todoist, I like that Todoist has put out the yearly statistics again. I’m currently putting a little post together with some excerpts from it. Interesting to know that I’m in the top 5%. Which I guess is cool.

I’m now hoping that the yearly WordPress review comes out soon as well. I’m not going to be in the top 5% there, that is for sure.

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