About a Key and Headphones That Reach up to the Elevator

January 22, 2019 ☼ journal

So, the post I had planned to publish today, didn’t come out, instead you get this one.

Today I intended to write something clever, or at least mildly informative, about a case of bag-fever that I am apparently suffering from, or finish my already-started-and-still-half-finished yearly stats, or maybe post and update on my reading list. And, you guessed it already, all you get is this:

Today I learned that my bluetooth headphones have a reach up to the elevator. Somewhere in the ballpark of 10 metres and a closed door in between.

I figured that out, when the audiobook I was listening to suddenly stopped mid-sentence when I entered the elevator. This shall also be known as the moment, I realized my phone was still inside the apartment, right next to the keys of the latter.

It goes without saying, that also no one but me was at home at that time, except for the cat and the dog perhaps. The latter was right next time on his way out, with me.

Short rest of this: we waited until my wife returned and during that time I came up with the idea for this post. Blame the headphones if you will, with a cabled headphone, this wouldn’t have happened. Just sayin’, but I wouldn’t want to go back to headphones with cables either.

And yes, you also get this: a picture I took during the only time of this day, when I was out and in daylight at the same time:

Surely no masterpiece, but it wasn’t intended to be eitherSurely no masterpiece, but it wasn’t intended to be either

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