A whole new Rabbit Hole

February 20, 2019 ☼ article

If possible, I try to solve as much problems as possible with plain-text files, such as for example in my recent mover over to Blot.im for example. Every now and then I get off that path, try something completely different (journaling, note-taking comes to mind), but somehow always come back sooner or later before moving elsewhere again and so on.

The other day I read about Jack Baty’s experiment with VSCODE journals, and intrigued, this led me to do a bit of research and now I found myself thinking about switching to VS Code, if only for that reason that I could use the TODO+ plugin.

I always liked the Taskpaper format for my task-management (haven’t used it in a while though) but it wasn’t very satisfying to use on Atom.io or on my current setup for that matter. Now I have the feeling that I could/should try again, even if that means installing and learning a new editor.

And as if that wouldn’t be enough, the Todo+ page linked to Notable which, at least on first sight, looks like a nice Plain-Text/Markdown note-taking application. It seems to be similar to a setup that I have once fiddled together in Atom.io, aka just what I have been looking for. Not that I haven’t tried enough note-taking applications

I have the feeling that I have opened a whole new set of rabbit hole.

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