The Big Sleep 📚

February 9, 2019 ☼ readingarticle

Quite a while ago I listened to this Criminal episode about Raymond Chandler, and ever since I planned to read the Philip Marlowe books and had The Big Sleep” already, albeit vaguely, on my reading list.

Needless to say, I never came around reading it but for whatever reason, I recently purchased the book and as of yesterday I finished the audiobook: The Big Sleep.

It sure was a fun read, and as noir as it gets. It’s very colourful and I enjoy this style. I have already purchased the next book in the series as well as added the remaining books to my wishlist and will start to read them soon as well. The audiobooks are in fact nicely read by Ray Porter, who sounds, just like someone to has to read these books.

And a little side information: the podcast episode was published on the 19th of December 2014. In other words: it took me about 4 years to get to it. Fast as a shark.

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