Some of the stuff from the internet that I liked during the last few weeks

March 22, 2019 ☼ article

Since I now moved back to iOS full-time recently, I have spent quite some time figuring out which workflows and setups work out best for me. For writing so far I stick with what I know best, iA Writer and Drafts, but I can see myself already switching over to Drafts.

Since I really used it the last time, Drafts has gotten so many new features that I am still trying to catch up. Needless to say, the possibilties to find use for it seem to be endless.

So far I have only automated blogging (Drafts and are fantastic together, never before had felt blogging so simple) and as of today, entering data into OmniFocus.

And yes, my endless struggle to decide between OmniFocus and Things 3Things 3 is surely the more beautiful app, but OmniFocus still is the one, that once my perspectives are set, in which I can look at my data in the way I want. Also great is, that I can open all my projects and perspectives from Spotlight results.

But that all will be part of another post. Now to all the things that I liked.

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