The Move Back to Things

March 25, 2019 ☼ article

It took me five days. During those five days I have spent more time than I care to admit reading and watching tutorials, tweaking perspectives and what not.

I was just outlining a somewhat convoluted workflow on how I could arrange my tasks with tags and defer-dates and do a daily review of sorts to get my task for the day, when it became obvious, that I was simply recreating how Things work. Talking about face-palm.

Lesson learned (again) and I’m just happy that I didn’t time track that stuff.

Things is flexible enough, much faster use and navigate and for frequent prespectives I will use custom-url’s and shortcuts, triggered via Shortcuts or custom-URLS in Launch Center Pro. Location based reminders will go into Launch Center Pro, which from my testing worked fine. In combination with Launch Center Pro, I should even be able to have it open my work perspective” when I’m at work. How great is that.

There are enough aspects in the app that can be automated and I sure can live with that one thing that I couldn’t get set up earlier.

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