The One With The Subdomain

March 5, 2019 ☼ article

My URL is going to be the next victim in my series moving-things-around. Almost a non-problem, if I could just decide.

Here’s the thing: recommends to use sub-domains and now that my switch over to Blot, which started in May/June of last year, is almost over, I’m thinking of the best URL structure to follow suit. I’m about to pull the plug on my Wordpress blog once the I’m sure all posts are moved over, and I don’t want to change the URL all the time.

Point is: I think the current subdomain www is not only a tad boring, also will make another subdomains in the future confusing, ie. galleries or such. Something else would be nicer.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and completely forgot the best solution, and these are some of the better ideas that I came up with using some of the domains that I currently own. Some more obvious than others.

One of the many underlying ideas is to get rid of the domains that I don’t use. The .me TLD I own also seems nice, in fact I’m using the .me for my email for years, but I would like to switch away from that as well. For unknown reasons, some web-forms don’t recognize the .me TLD as a valid email address, which is annyoing and happened to me a few times.

I’m obviously not yet decided on this issue, but if you have any ideas just let me know on or Mastodon.

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