My Podcast-Bookmark-To-Do-List Shortcut

April 1, 2019 ☼ article

Figured out a nice shortcut to bookmark a specific location in a podcast in my taskmanager for the situation that I want to write down the a quote or refer to it later, via one voice command. This is something that I wanted to be able to do for a while and will be helpful when I’m out and about on the bike or walk the dog.

Also this solves my issue, with whether to use Castro or Overcast since it is only possible with the latter.

This thing is so simple. I could have done this directly to Things, but that wouldn’t be so useful when I’m on the bike or such, since it requires to open the app. This way it works in the background, and Things will import it when I open the app.

I might add another just for the times I am actually working on the phone or iPad.

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