The One With The Backpack… continued

April 10, 2019 ☼ article

In case any of you are wondering, but I have solved my backpack issue from earlier and opted for the Evergoods - CPL 24, and up to now it’s a winner.

I have been using the bag for about 2 months every day and like it a lot. It’s comfy, sturdy, keeps shape, I can find my stuff in it and organize my things in there just the way I like it. Even though the bag itself has three organizer pockets, I got a Bagsmart organizer to organize cables and some other small stuff I got though.

I will have at some point a rather unspectecular What’s in my Bag” post and might do a bit of a review on the bag at some point, but so far I’m very pleased with this bag.

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