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April 18, 2019 ☼ journal

The other day I ran into an older post of mine and realized that the hero-image was missing. So, after a short search, I found and re-downloaded it again.

Then I remembered that I once experimented with an app (I wish I’d remember which) which filters the heck out an image to make it, among many other things, look more a sketch. I used that app to create hero-images for a while, but eventually forgot about it again. I guess the novelty wore off.

That though didn’t stop me looking for the app (still can’t remember the name) but I found with Brushstroke, a similiar one, but with more control on the outcome.

During a break earlier in the day I played around with it a bit, with some fun results as you can see in the above image, which is an old image of mine from the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

From my short testing the app seems to work well with some images and with others not at all. I might put out a few more from time to time.

And yes, in all of this, I still haven’t updated the post which started all of this.

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