I found the missing link for my Podcast-Log-Shortcut

April 20, 2019 ☼ article

I like working with Shortcuts and so far have a few that make a few tasks a lot easier for me. One thing that I use Shortcuts for is building an easier way to log podcasts.

So far, I have built a shortcut to bookmark” quotes, or better a reminder to get the quote at a specific location in an episode in Overcast, but had some issues getting a Podcast-Log” shortcut to work. It was missing one step that I couldn’t get to work properly (or at all): Getting the title and episode out of the share-url.

Luckily in the shortcut posted in Brad Sieferst post Using RegEx to create a Saved Quotes” Shortcut I found the missing link. RegEx is surely nothing that I have drabbled with.

I have modificated the shortcut to get my Podcast-Log to work and so far it worked just fine. I can even now use a voice command to apend to my log in Drafts, which is just what I wanted.

I still have to make some adjustments, but once it’s done I will share the shortcut. Thanks again to Brad for sharing.

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