This made my day: I solved my External-Keyboard-Language woes on the iPad

April 25, 2019 ☼ article

Turns out I’m an idiot and I write this, so you don’t have to be one

Earlier today, I started to write a post and got annoyed again how the keyboard layout of my external keyboard was always tied to the language setting. This has caused all kinds of hurt over the years.

Of course, I started to write my post to get off some steam. The post started like:

This is one thing that bugs me a bit. I wish there would be a way on iOS, or the iPad, to independently set a different keyboard layout on external keyboards than for the current language used when writing in iOS.

Which is a thing that I run into all the time. The keyboard layout I use is the Scandinavian one (in this case associated to Finnish), but I write, say 90% of the time, in either English or German. This is causing all kinds of issues related to spellcheck.

Essentially I always wrote English/German text using Finnish language setting, causing every word to be marked a spelled wrong. I learned to ignore that, and hoped to catch spelling errors later, which I probably didn’t.

I even made shortcut to check for the spelling. Which was a bit cumbersome, but worked. As I have pointed out on said draft. It has always, annoyed me, that there is no way to set a different keyboard layout for a certain language.

Seems like a rather simple thing.

As I was just about to make a screenshot from the settings-panel, the same panel that I have visited so often before, the one I checked first when I started to use external keyboards on the iPad, which was, don’t know, some time in the ancient past, and noticed that I ACTUALLY CAN SET A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE FOR THE HARDWARE KEYBOARD TO MY LIKING.

iPad Power user… yeah right (you may insert your favorite face-palm GIF in here)!

This has bugged me since forever but at least this has solved my issues once and for all. And yes, the fact that this settings-panel most likely had been there from the beginning I deliberately choose to ignore.

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