Mischief Managed - The Move is Done (again)

April 3, 2019 ☼ article

I have moved this blog plenty, and this latest move surely wasn’t the fastest, but as of Sunday last week, all posts, my whole blog, has been moved over to Blot.im.

This process started in May 2018. So it took me almost a year and if you managed to read this, you will also have noticed that it is available under a new, yet old, domain.

I have long been thinking, too much in fact, which domain, or subdomain I should be using, and in the end settled with svenseebeck.me. I have been using the domain for my email since ages, and since I am attempting to simplify stuff, this seemed the best choice. Also the .me extension kind of makes sense for a personal blog.

The old” blog, hosted on Wordpress.com, is now put to sleep, and once I am sure all images and such have moved, and the formatting in all posts is in proper condition (which most likely will take a another year) I might delete that one once and for all. This should make future decision, whether or not to move the blog elsewhere significantly easier.

Blot.im is by far the simplest blogging solution that I have used so far and I like that all posts simply live as a plain text file in my Dropbox. This makes so many things so much easier.

When I changed the domain for example, I wanted to make sure that all the links in older articles link to the new one. I simply opened my posts folder in Atom.io and did a Find and Replace on all posts. The whole thing took me less than 3 minutes.

And talking about blogging workflow. I use a combination of Drafts and Shortcuts and it is the fastest and most effortless blogging that I have used so far. Brilliant!

Also I have full control over design and looks of the site. I could even build my own theme. That is seriously great. I’m looking forward to see, what else is coming up with this blogging platform.

Now that I have moved the blog here, I have gotten rid of my galleries at the same time. While I always enjoyed having everything under one roof, maintaining galleries on a blog always had been a major pain in the butt. Now that Flickr has mover to Smugmug, I am considering re-activating that for my galleries.

So far, I’m a happy camper and let’s see where this journey leads me.

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