I should have done a lot of things, but instead chose to do CSS

April 7, 2019 ☼ journal

I had been rather productive during the last months, and since continueing that way seems to be too much to ask for, I got the inspiration to work a bit on the design of this blog, instead of working on some active projects.

That being said, I’m rather satifsfied, even though it’s not quite there yet, but it’s getting close (I think I have said that before). I took some inspiration from blogs, or better their designs, that I liked and took it from there. I also set out on the task to stick to system-fonts and make them as good looking as I am able to do.

For the colour scheme I consulted Adobe’s online colour tool and came out with a nice palette.

I did the re-work the CSS-file a bit, so that an upcoming dark-mode should be a lot easier to implement. At least I hope.

Bigfoot footnotes are also still waiting to be implemented and I will have to go through at least 20 more shades of red or green as a highlight-colour before I’m satisfied.

I could instead also do some real work and finish this arrangement that is waiting for me, but that’s another thing.

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