Reading some more 70’s Horror Classics

May 22, 2019 ☼ reading

Finished the audiobook of Jeffrey Konvitz’ The Sentinel earlier today. The plot, the setting, the characters, the way it ends, just about everything about this book screams 70’s Horror.

I understand a movie had been made from this, and even though I have never seen it, I kind of have a good idea how it looks like. And since I was already at it, I started the sequel The Guardian as well.

Last year I read The Exorcist and earlier this month Richard Matheson’s Hell House. I’m not too familiar with the genre and am rather eclectic with my choice of books, but it seems that all of these books defined the genre one way or the other. I have seen many movies with build on these, or at least, use the same/similar clichés.

But then again, what to I know. They’re fun to read in any case.

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