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May 4, 2019 ☼ article

The other day Jack Baty wrote about his workflow or setup and about how he tends to change said setup. This is something that is just too familiar to me.

The amounts of time I have switched between the task-managers Things, OmniFocus, Todoist, (upcoming) Goodtask, or Taskpaper, the text-editors iA Writer, Ulysses,, the journal-applications Journey, DayOne, or maybe just a plaintext journal, the note-taking apps Evernote, Bear, Notes, Agenda, blogging-platforms/services Wordpress, Blot, Ghost, Wordpress, operating systems, phones or domains is mind-boggling.

There has to be word for not-being-able-to-stick-with-something because there might be something better around.

For a couple of months though I have managed to stick (almost) to one setup and one OS. Deliberately sticking to one platform and focusing on working mostly (more on that soon) on iOS has helped a lot, but also introduced some new points of friction. The latter mostly because there are too many great apps for the same or similar purpose available.


At the moment all of my active writing for this blog is done in Drafts. It’s so easy to publish from here. I have set up a few actions and all it needs is one click. Editing posts and pages, which is almost always necessary, I do in iA Writer or directly in the Dropbox app.

I am using this setup for a couple of months already and it is working beautifully.

Note: For uploading, renaming and resizing images I have created a Shortcut.


My note-taking needs are currently served by Bear.

I’m using it now for a while, and so far my system works fine with it. I am though not yet 100% sold on it. It does most of the things I need for note-taking very well, but still it is missing something.

Currently it holds work-related notes, which I will export and store in DEVONThink (or Keep It, again not sure yet) once the school year is over. Bear itself will only keep, current/active notes and my Commonplace Book.

I have no problem committing to Bear, since it has great export-options, and I can get out my data in almost any format I wish/need.


I use Things 3, but find myself trying OmniFocus every now and then again, which is more often than not a rather short affair, sometimes only a few hours. OF is very powerful, but I tend to get lost, being fiddly with and optimize” my setup (see here).


For the longest time I have been using Day One, but have also jumped between Journey and plain-text journals. In my opinion Day One does do the best job, also because it features plain-text/Markdown export if it goes upside down.

I have been thinking wether or not, to also keep my Commonplace Book there, but would like to keep Day One more for log-type of content. I keep the option to change my mind here.


I have tried many option, but am very satisfied with and have no intention to use something else. It does things the way I’d like them and is so simple to use and control.

I have tried to use a two-blog setup, one for Microblog posts and one Blog-Blog but that is confusing me too much. I always have to think what goes where and stuff.

Again, I might change my opinion on that.


I have too many. It’s driving me crazy. After a long back and forth I have now settled on my .me extension and will let most of the remaining ones expire. So, if you find yourself on a blog in a year or such, it’s most likely not me. But you will be able to figure that out.

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