Holding It Wrong

June 12, 2019 ☼ journal

This blew my mind a bit

The other day I was browsing on The Cramped which led to many things, most notably a video on how to improve your handwriting. Since this is something that I’m currently working on I was rather intrigued.

Long story short, it turns out that I was holding pens a bit wrong, like my whole life. As in always.

While my mind went straight into defense-mode and suggested well my grip works for me, the recommended grip is much easier on my hand and causing much less strain. I could figure this out already after a few minutes of trying. My traditional” one is, compared to that, more of a three-finger-death-grip.

Naturally this is not without troubles. The grip is that much different that it in the beginning feels as if I’m having not enough (or any) control over the pen. Luckily this gets a bit better already after a short time.

I guess a few more days of practice and then it should become already more natural. At least so I’m telling myself.

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