In which Feedbin blew my Mind

June 22, 2019 ☼ article

TL’DR: I discovered a great and time-saving feature by accident

I’m using Feedbin for quite some time already and it is the central-hub of all my things social-reading. I have naturally all the feeds I read, a few select Twitter feeds and my Micro.Blog timeline in there. It is defacto my one-stop shop for anything social. No need to browse through different services/apps and what not.

While I mostly use Feedbin through Reeder on iOS, on my Windows machine the web-interface is my default reader. In fact, I’d go so far to say, that Feedbin has the best native-interface for a RSS-reader full stop. Nothing I used comes close and even most apps could learn a bit or two from it.

That being said, since the majority of work on the Windows machine relates to work and I’m on vacation now, I’m currently spending most of my time on the iPad or iPhone, and there using Reeder (even though the web-interface is fully functional including keyboard shortcuts when saved to the desktop as I have) I haven’t spent much time wondering what the Micro.Blog icon on the top-right actually does.

It’s been there for a while, I knew that, but I never actually clicked on it, because, if I would have done so, I would have noticed already a while ago, that it opens a threaded view of the conversation the post is part of!

How amazing is that! That the same works for Twitter-posts as well, is at this point almost a given. 😀

This little addition makes Feedbin even more useful for me now, and I surely will use its webinterface on iOS now even more, since it will save me even more time now. If there would be a keyboard-shortcut to open said view, I guess I would be ecstatic.

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