The dimensional Pocket

July 11, 2019 ☼ Journal

It doesn’t matter what they teach in school, or what you believe in, but there are such things as small dimensional pockets.

It’s not that they are like the large ones in which you can disappear and come out somewhere else. Nope, it’s much smaller ones and they are not even leading somewhere.

They are like, as the name suggests, little pockets which reach into the other”, whatever that other” is, but without actually getting there. Think of them like the pockets in that pair of pants, in which the keys always disappear, or some coins, or year-old receipts mysteriously re-appear.

These dimensional pockets are just large enough that something like a cell phone can slip into it, unnoticed by the human eye, but are still close enough to the dimension we live in to keep said phone connected the phone to the local network or bluetooth.

This type of dimensional pockets” is the common one, and not as its bigger brother, the portal, is everywhere. All over the place.

My phone is, you guessed it, in one of those.

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