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December 13, 2019 ☼ ArticleReading

During the last few months my every so frequent blogging-streak from the beginning of the year, turned into a lot-less-frequently blogging streak, but at least I continued to read and write a lot, albeit offline.

I’m far away of having lost interest in blogging, but especially during the last weeks I had the feeling that the only thing worth posting would be the yet-another-book-I-finished” post. Hence I thought it much better, and more considerate to simply summarize them and put them all into one post.

It is not that I didn’t ran into things worth sharing, but somehow never came around posting them.

Well, here it is. Many audiobooks, but also more and more graphic novels.

Novels/Graphic Novels

I’m also actively reading selected short-stories, but here I’m switching between books, depending on mood, and therefore will take them a while to get finished.


I have read recently, and purchased, a few illustrated books recently and enjoy them a lot. So much so, that I wonder why not all books are illustrated. So much more fun to read! Also I figured how much more interesting books one can purchase when browsing in the used-books department. Such as the above.

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