December 30, 2019 ☼ Journal

With only two pages left in my Bullet Journal I know migrated all over to my next one for 2020. I started to used the Bullet Journal method in Spring, originally with the intent to practice/improve my handwriting and somehow it stuck.

Once I got used to the method I have not missed a digital task-manager at all. Turns out I neither need location based alerts, custom perspectives or automate the shit out of my tasks. Who knew?!

I don’t do any fancy things here and mostly stick to the basic Bullet Journal method but have added a few things to suit my needs. But overall it is very simple.

The first iteration of my Bullet Journal had been a Moleskine, but the paper didn’t do well with some of my fountain pen inks so I quickly switched over to a Leuchtturm 1917, which has served me very well and I liked it a lot. To try out something new I went with the Rhodia Goalbook as my next notebook, which should be doing even better with fountain pen ink.

So far I like the feel of notebook and paper, but I wish though it had a hard-cover. Maybe I will just put a cover-case or such around it at some point.

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