My long overdue The Books I read in 2019” post

March 29, 2020 ☼ Reading

It’s late, but the end of March is as good time as any other, or?

I’m rather happy with the outcome of last year’s list and I managed to read quite a few books. As always there is a lot of Neil Gaiman in there, and I also during this year have re-read quite a bit of his work.

While many of the books were audiobooks actual physical books have made a huge comeback here, and by now I don’t know why I ever though that digital books were such a clever idea. Don’t get me wrong, I still read on and enjoy my Kindle, and it’s very handy to keep in the bag, but a real book is just such a much better experience. Especially when reading a graphic novel, it feels like holding a piece of art, which came apparent to me when reading Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels, Snow, Glass, Apples and the adaptation of American Gods (while awaiting the last volume I still have The Graveyard Book waiting for me here, and yes, I read the book twice that year).

During the last year I also discovered a few, prior unknown to me authors, of which Joe Hill (especiallly his short stories in Full Throttle and during this year Locke & Key), David Matheson and Clive Barker in the horror genre stood out for me.

In the non-fiction department Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens - A Brief Histroy of Humankind was an eye-opening read and Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method, Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and James Clear’s Atomic Habits had been very inspiring.

But now to the list (alphabetical order, for chronolically see the Book-Log)

The Books I read in 2019

For this year’s list you may check my Book-Log or the Reading-Tag.

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