In which I went back to using Feedbin

April 14, 2020 ☼ Journal

It’s been a constant back and fourth with my feedagregator situation, but for now I’m back using Feedbin, and can’t really say why I stopped using it in the first place

Late in 2019 I started to re-evaluate all the services that I have subscribed-to and or used, then made a list and looked it’s cost and what I actually gain from it. As most services require a subscription of some kind I found this to be rather interesting to see where my money ends up.

There were no real surprises, but overall my expenses in total higher than expected. My next step then was to question the value I get out a service, or thing that I subscribed to and or looked for alternatives as asked myself many questions:

and so on…

In that process I cancelled my Feedbin subscription, even though I used it multiple times a day (one might say too many times but that’s another story) and trialed a free account on a different service and thought if that doesn’t work I will sync my feeds locally. For a couple of months I went with that.

Suffice it to say, it didn’t work that well.

Even though I didn’t had that much feeds subscribed in the first place, I needed to remove at least some feeds and I couldn’t read my Twitter-feeds/lists anymore. The web-interface was confusing (in my mind barely useable) as well, hence I mostly read feeds on the phone. All This had the consequence that I missed things and had to check in on Twitter every now and then, which I not only don’t enjoy doing much anymore and also wastes my time.

I considered going local and use Feedbro which would enable me to keep tabs on that, but it is then only my laptop and no help when I’m out and about. No help here either.

So, the lesson here is, that Feedbin turns out to be a service that I enjoy to use, and is everywhere where I work” and which, equally important, works everywhere the way I want. Great.

So for the time being I’m happily checking my feed a few too many times a day, and wonder how many of the other services that I removed myself of, will find their way back. Then again, I had been rather radical with removing and re-evaluating things and consider myself not even done yet.

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