Two books that I read lately

A few weeks ago I started to read Robert Jordans “The Wheel of Time” and in the meanwhile I have finished the first book, the “Eye of the World“, in the series. It’s a great book and I enjoyed it a lot. Needless to say that I plan to continue the series, which, with 12/13 books to go, is no small task.

I still refrain from watching the series on Amazon though, as from my understanding the first season is more or less based on the first three books and I don’t want to spoil the series for me.

Yet, instead of continuing the series I opted to read the final book in the Expanse series, “Leviathan Falls” which was released last week. And OMG, I already forgot how great this series is. I started to read the series in 2017 (my book-log finally proved useful) and I’m already planning to reread the series at some point in Audiobook format this time.

It’s a great book, and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but hey, Amos rules.

I am not sure whether to continue with the “Wheel of Time” series now, or to rather slip-in something slightly shorter in between. Let’s see.


Weeknotes #14

Looking back at the weeks since my last Weeknotes it is safe to say that at the least on this blog plenty of things have happened, even if that that might not be obvious on first sight.

So, maybe I’ll start with the blog


While I have found again interest in building the blog as my main social platform, I still struggle to publish anything meaningful. Then again, who cares.

What I care though is the design of this blog, and as such I have on average changed the theme of the blog a couple of times (over the span of two weeks or such) a day, but in the end went back to the default theme. If I would have already re-imported all posts from the past, I would be able to count how much I wrote that since I started blogging.

Obviously, I’m back to where-ever I left off. 🤦‍♂️ Not sure what to think about that.


So, we’ve got HBO-Max and Prime during the last few weeks I watched the whole run of the Big Bang Theory. I watched it before of course, but then got stuck for whatever reason at the 8th (or so) season and as previously, it is huge fun though, great show.

As a new long-term project we (my son and I) started to watch Doctor Who again as well, but that will surely take some time get done.

At the same time I’m reading “The Eye of The World”. I will really have to finish that soon as the last book in the Expanse-Series will be out next week. But one thing at a time.


For an upcoming project I started to work on the baritone saxophone which is huge fun, but other than than that things are running smoothly along. A few more concerts are coming up in the next weeks as well. Hopefully, with the corona-restrictions are getting tighter again, they will even take place.


It seems that Obsidian is taking over all things that I do with text-/writing (writing this though in Gutenberg, somehow seems one-click-less) and it is working rather well for me. I’m not much (if at all) into all the Graph-/Backlink things but rather just use to organize my notes for work and planning stuff. Things I up to recently used my Bullet Journal for. Crazy, but it seem to fit rather nicely into my workflow plus it is available on all platforms that I’m using on a daily basis, which is a first I guess.

So, I guess that it is for now, and more in a couple of weeks.


The Return of the Baritone

I haven’t played the baritone sax for at the least 15 years and had some fun today working on it in preparation for an upcoming project. In fact I had so much fun, I could imagine spending more time with the instrument.

Here are three choruses on a rather well-known standard.


An Astronaut

The other day we went to see the Lumo Light Festival and watched this beautiful installation. It was a fun light show.


Don’t expect updates anytime soon

well, at least on reading-updates or possibly on things I watched.

Thing is that we got HBO-Max and I started to re-watch “The Big Bang Theory” which is again huge fun. While it was on TV I think I only got up to 7th season or so, so there is a lot to catch up with.

Also I started reading the audiobook of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World. Looking at the numbers, 14 books, each about 30 hours in length and an average reading time of one hour a day, I expect to be finished with the series in somewhere around Christmas next year.

So, the book-log is likely to be a whole lot shorter next year.


@Korundi Jazz Festival

Tomorrow on the 6th of November 2021 the T:M:Q-Quintett feat. Nina Mya will perform on the Korundi Jazz Festival in Rovaniemi.

If any of the above means anything to you, you know where to go to. See you there!


Weeknotes #13

I missed the obviously best opportunity to publish the 13th edition of the Weeknotes on Halloween, but at least it is still in the ballpark.

Since my last Weeknotes had been months in the past, naturally a lot of things have happened and it would be out of the scope of one measly post to fill you up on all things. So, let’s just pretend the gap never happened and here’s what happened during the past few weeks.


During the last few weeks I have re-activated my Micro.Blog blog with the idea of being less of an online hermit, and needless to say, it turns out that I don’t feel very social, granted is both blogging and social, but still.

I posted a few things here and there but that was about it.

I considered cross posting to say Mastodon as well but somehow it just feels like showing up someone else’s party and just hang out there.

On the other side I re-discovered interest into this blog and bizarrely have had no issues posting things here. I guess, this is more my party. Don’t know, but it just feels better.

And that brings me to the:


You might notice that I got a little wild with the design. That is, if the use of color is “wild”. I’m not yet done with this (will I ever) but so far I enjoy a bit more colour in here.

I have updated a few pages as well and eventually will update the /now page as well. Still it’s stuck in summer 🤣

Things watched

Historically I’m bad at watching TV, or movies in general but at least for the sake of Halloween watched the remake of “The Omen”. Not bad, but probably should have watched the original.

And talking about original. As I’m typing this, the extended edition of the exorcist is running in the background. Let’s see how that works out.

Things read

I had been reading quite a bit in the past and even managed to update the book-log. At the moment I’m reading:

  • Clive Barker: Mister B Gone
  • Stephen Fry: Troy
  • Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire

So, I think this will do for now.


New Nib-Day

My fountain-pen hobby addiction extents now to nibs as well.

From the day I got it the Kaweco Brass Sport had been my favourite fountain-pen and I have enjoyed writing with it, the feel of the brass and the fact that the body itself is so solid that I don’t have to worry about breaking it when carrying it around. Great!

Over the time I have developed a rather small handwriting and while I have been rather satisfied with the stock EF-nib that I have been using on the Brass I kept looking into other pens to improve the writing feel with an EF nib.

Low and behold during the last few months Kaweco has released a “Premium Nib” which is said to improve the writing feel of the nib I eventually bit the bullet and ordered one.

So far, after admittedly only day of testing and a couple of written pages, the nib is a winner and I’m even happier with my pen than I had been before. When researching on the nib I couldn’t really find a comparison between the nibs and might post one in the near future.


(Very) Slowly going back to Emacs

During the last few weeks I have spent some time re-learning and configuring EMACS again. I already had a working-for-me setup last year on Linux but then switched the OS (don’t ask, I had reasons, it’s complicated and I regret doing it anyway) and on Windows it had been too fiddly to set up.

Now, with the death of the laptop, the chapter is done and I’m getting very slowly back into it… very slowly.

Then I had used EMACS only for a relatively short time but got to a point where it almost did what I wanted (LOL) but now it is time to re-learn and while it was shocking to notice how much I managed to forget in the few months between the OS switch and the end of said laptop, it is fun to re-learn.

I’m not trying to use it for everything at once, but rather start using is for the things that I’m already familiar with and then go from there, that is: Elfeed is working smoothly and I’m currently trying to figure out whether I should stick with Zetteldeft or rather just use a single ORG-file for notes. Big problems I know.

I’m currently using it on a Mac, but have to say that certain things surely are a lot simpler on Linux. It took a while to figure out how to make the keyboard shortcuts not conflicting with OS-wide shortcuts and, since you ran into plenty spelling errors by now already, how to get Flyspell to run.

But hey, I’m not in a hurry and I like how the app makes me (forces me actually) to lean new things.

Next up: figuring out how to post to this blog directly.

NOTE: This post was first posted on my “”. I wanted to figure out which platform suits me best. Long story short: still don’t know.


I know, it’s Been A While

After re-launching this blog and updating it with a whooping six posts this year, I also re-launched my Micro-Blog today.

Over the course of the past weeks and months I found myself again thinking that I may have had enough of a social-media/blogging break and frequently caught myself situations in which I thought, ‘hey, that would be fun sharing‘.

Needless to say, I never did.

Today though I took first measures and reactivated my Micro.Blog with the hope that I might start sharing things again. Let’s see how that will end.

I deliberately choose not to use this blog for these purposes though. If I have learned one thing during the years during which I have tried to combine both, the Blog and a Microblog of sorts, is that it causes me more pain than I thought the unification gains me. Somehow it felt always on the fiddly side of things and I was merely tinkering with themes, setups, cross-post-what-nots and so on, to keep things working and in the end spent a boatload of time for, well, not much.

Maybe this time the separation will work. Maybe I keep updating both instances, maybe the Microblog will become a fresh-start.

Or maybe I will post my next thing in about a year and realize it didn’t work out.