Privacy Policy

I’m not really up to speed with this, but from my understanding, one is now required to have a privacy policy. Well, just to be sure, here this is.

So let me get this straight right from the beginning: I don’t collect anything on this site and I’m in no way whatsoever interested into any data from you. As a matter of fact, there is no word in any language known to man, which properly describes my utter lack of interest into your data. This is my personal blog and in no way a business.

With this out of the way (bear in mind, I’m no lawyer and have no idea if any of this is worth the time I spend writing it and also, I can’t state this enough, in no way interested into your data), let’s talk a bit about the things that are running on this site.

In short: not much, or nothing that I installed to do so. This screenshot from Firefox (dated 22nd Feb 2019) summarizes it clearly:

The one with the Analytics or other kind of tracking

I don’t have any. Nothing, nope, zilch (see screenshot above)

It might be though that the occasional embedded content such as YouTube, Vimeo or whatever video, will probably do some tracking and analytics in the same way, as if you watch a video on their service. I do not see, or have access, or even want that data in any way. So if you have questions, refer to the specific service’s privacy statement.

I do use however from time to time use (not as of 2020/04/19) a font which I own but is served by Typekit, ie. Adobe. Since the font is loaded from Typekit/Adobe servers upon visiting this site, they could be tracking something. Again, I don’t and please refer to their privacy policy.

I also have by the time of this writing, not once used referral codes from, say Amazon or such. I don’t monetize anything on here. This might change in the future, but up to now: nope.


Nope, this site has as of this moment no comment section.


Should you for whatever reason contact me via email (hello @ I get to know your email address. If you don’t want that, make both of us happy and don’t send me one in the first place.


I’m almost sure this is not sufficient but I hope the general idea is clear: I don’t track anything here. If you have any questions just let me know.