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May 9, 2013 Yet Another Absolutely Non Weekly Post
Another week and another weekly… no, wait. Okay, by now it’s safe to say that I totally don’t manage to find time to publish a weekly post on this

March 11, 2013 Some Occasional Stuff
There’s no need to kid myself, but it’s save to say that I most likely will not be able to pull out a weekly post. It’s not that I haven’t tried,

February 3, 2013 Some Weekly Things
It turned out to be a fairly productive and overall active week. Which I guess is a good thing. First off I finally managed to get my landing page

January 21, 2013 Some Weekly Things No.2
Just as I type this I realise that I maybe shouldn’t be numbering these posts as it is unlikely that I will manage to get a weekly summary of sorts

January 20, 2013 On Tweaks And Spent Time [Aside]
I have planned to have two posts out by now, but naturally things came in different than expected. Not only kept my work me fairly busy but I also

January 13, 2013 First Weekly Things
It’s Sunday and therefore about time for the first weekly review of this year. I’ll save you the usual, things were busy part as they are always

January 3, 2013 Today
I needed to have only one simple thing working: a preview and export of MultiMarkdown tables. Really Not that big of a deal. Before I started using

December 31, 2012 A Look Back Ahead
Occasionally I have been posting a weekly review and since the year is about to come to an end, I thought I could join the thousands of yearly

December 18, 2012 The Plan and other Random Things
I had been admittedly a bit vague in my little aside on the weekend, but as some of you already guessed 1 I moved this blog over to I

December 15, 2012 What A Difference A Link Made
Unfortunately I haven’t had taken much time during this autumn to update my photoblog. I still have some not yet processed images and half-finished

October 6, 2012 Moving Over To App.Net and Cross-Posting To Twitter
When I joined ADN a few weeks ago I didn’t expect things to develop as quickly as they did, and boy am I glad it worked out this way. With Netbot

September 30, 2012 Weekly Things
Jeps, another week is almost done. As usual it passed faster as expected and I hardly managed to do all the things that I had planned. Well, no can

September 10, 2012 On
It’s a few days ago that I wrote about growing dislike on Twitter’s additude and yesterday I signed up for You can find me there there at

September 2, 2012 Sunday Occupation: Cleaning Up The Feedreader
I planned this for quite some time already, but today I finally got around and took some time to clean up my RSS reader. Essentially I deleted feeds

August 7, 2012 The Move
In a recent post I wrote about some re-modeling which was going on around here and after finally re-writing the colophon I consider my move done.

August 3, 2012 A Post About A Post
Much to my own dislike all my attempts of getting some fresh articles out on my photoblog had been without much success in the recent past. There’s

August 3, 2012 Totally updating
Almost as usually I am in the process of moving around the furniture around here. Even though I am essentially almost (at least in theory, so far)

July 28, 2012 Guest Article On Kwerfeldein
It has been indeed a bit silent here on the blog, but I can assure you that I haven not been completely in holiday-mode. I had the chance for some

May 22, 2012 Some Spring-Cleaning Around Here
SPRING… Usually it’s that time of year, in which I, instead of cleaning up the apartment (actually did this a little), rather explore and experiment

May 14, 2012 Before It Gathers Dust
At some point in time I read somewhere that one should not write on the blog an excuse for not having posted anything for a while. If you happen to