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May 5, 2011 St.Michael’s Mount in the Dark
Actually it’s just before sunrise but it just does sounds better this way, doesn’t it? Having published my Cornwall e-book already last year I

August 31, 2010 Storm
St.Just. It’s the other side of the cliff and again I found shelter from the storm behind some rocks. I climbed down the cliff to get a better

August 28, 2010 St.Just Bridge
St.Just… The rain which just tested my now already torn looking 1,99£ umbrella stopped and I can go on with my explore of the scenery. On the way to

August 25, 2010 St.Just Rock
Geez, I miss the sea. There’s nothing more refreshing than a strong wind and heavy waves crashing on the rocks. While preparing my e-book I

August 11, 2010 Where The Rainbows Are At Home
I have spent a week in Marazion, Cornwall and it’s the last day of my trip which I took in spring 2009. I have been passing St.Michael’s Mount

June 16, 2010 Featured Image: Little Cudden
Cornwall Spring 2009: It’s my second day in Cornwall. It was a 27 hour journey to get here and after a quick explore at dawn I fall into bed only to

June 2, 2010 Featured Image: Tide At St.Michael’s Mount
Another photograph of St.Michael’s Mount, isn’t it a wonderful location? Back in Spring 2009 I spent a week in Marazion and passed the Mount every

April 28, 2010 Featured Image: St.Michael’s Mount
The name-switch of this blog and introduction of Galleries to this blog were two steps to bring this site closer to being my online presence.

March 20, 2009 Cornwall - The Last Days
The alarm wakes me up at 4am. Not only do I realize that I have fallen asleep on the sofa again, I also hear the heavy rain hammering on the window.

March 15, 2009 Cornwall - The Next Few Days
The alarm on my iPhone shrieks multiple times when I realize that I fell asleep on the sofa in front of the TV. It’s three o’clock and I planned to

March 12, 2009 Cornwall - The first days
It’s eleven o-clock and I my train is leaving in little less than two hours when I to my surprise receive my recently ordered new Tripod-Head. Just