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May 24, 2011 Big Rocks And A Little Island: Isoniemi
In this second post I would like to introduce you to another of my favourite locations a beach/area called Isoniemi. Even though it’s easy to reach,

April 22, 2011 My Favourite Locations #1: Three Lakes in the Forest
In this first post in this series I would like to introduce you to a place which I have visited frequently over the years now. It’s a group of three

January 27, 2011 On A Little Island - Winter
The forecast for today didn’t look too good in fact and I’m up for a couple of hours already. The sun rises late at this time of the year and every

December 14, 2010 The Second Frost
It had been the third day with gorgeous light in a row, something that I believe to be happening rather rarely during this time of year. Two days

December 2, 2010 The First Frost
“The first frost always feels the worse” were the words our local postman said to me in the elevator the other day. Actually he’s right. It had been

November 24, 2010 Summer Nights
I’m somewhere in the forests near Kuusamo in the east of Finland. It’s early June and during this time of the year it doesn’t get dark at all

November 10, 2010 Things To Come
Finally! The first snow has fallen and the landscapes started to look much friendlier now. The days of dark and grey are hopefully now over. It’s

October 18, 2010 The Last Chance
Sometimes things turn out totally different from what you have planned. This morning I planned to do a long exposure of a structure at the nearby

October 6, 2010 Mysterious Pier
Today’s image is a little bit different from what I usually post, or better, different from the way I process and image. The beauty of the digital

June 23, 2010 Featured Image: Scandinavian Summer
I left at home in beautiful sunlight and the conditions seemed to be perfect for landscape photography, sun and clouds. I needed to go over to