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August 30, 2019 The One with the new Pen - Part 3
I have been looking into a few more pens recently, and was looking for something that is somewhere between my Kaweco Student Soul and the Lamy

August 16, 2019 The Case of the Full and Empty Notebook
The other day I wrote on the last page my Leuchtturm 1917 and with it filled my first ever journal. I filled 250 pages in two different fountain

August 12, 2019 Goulet Pens has a nice page to compare Nib-Sizes.
This is surely a niche-thing but it did help

July 17, 2019 New Pen: The Kaweco Student 70’s Soul
It’s a couple of months ago, that I started to get into fountain-pens and then got me a Lamy Safari. At that time, I hadn’t used a fountain-pen