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April 18, 2020 Lee Konitz
Saddened to learn that Lee Konitz passed away this week. Lee always had been one of my favourite alto-players and I especially I enjoyed his work

April 17, 2020 chris-potter-on-crowdcast
Oh my! Chris Potter and Bob Reynolds on “How to Approach Jazz Standards” is right up my alley. Looking forward to that tonight

November 27, 2019 “Your first steps towards becoming a bona fide jazz fan”
Brilliant piece on “How to enjoy Jazz” on Points in Case. Just in case you would like to know

April 29, 2019 John Coltrane in 1958
Marc Myers has an article on his about the release of John Coltrane in 1958, which is the complete works by John Coltrane on Prestige. I

March 24, 2019 My favourite Jazz recordings: Stan Getz/Kenny Barron - People Time
Inspired by the perfect album series by Marc Myers on Jazz Wax I thought it would be fun to do something similar. I have discovered some real gems

March 13, 2019 Bird's Nest
I had some unplanned time available and used that to purchase the new Charlie Parker Omnibook Vol.2. I have’t had much time yet to have a full look

March 8, 2019 The original Omnibook gets a second volume and Steve Neff has a review of the The Charlie Parker Omnibook Volume 2.
This is great news and it has a

February 22, 2019 While waiting for the car to get fixed, I started writing a post on my favourite jazz-improvisation materials when I ran into this new video by Jerry Bergonzi on My Music Masterclass: Improvising With Triad Pairs.
While waiting for the car to get fixed, I started writing a post on my favourite jazz-improvisation materials when I ran into this new video by

February 22, 2019 Had fun playing through Chad Lefkowitz-Brown’s Approach Note Etudes during some unplanned downtime at work.
The vocabulary felt rather close, and it

February 21, 2019 Marc Myers puts Paul Desmond’s “Glad to Be Unhappy” on his list of perfect albums, and I couldn’t agree more.
In case you are not familiar, I’d

January 19, 2019 Two Jazz Links and my new favourite Blog
Two articles caught my attention the other day and I quickly found myself reading, bookmarking post after post, watching videos on what probably

January 4, 2019 A Chet Baker recording and a Blog
In the afternoon I played with the kids and listened to the Chet Baker Sextett (recorded in 1954), feat Bob Brookmeyer and Bud Shank, which I

October 22, 2018 The fine folks at My Music Masterclass have released a video (actually two) with saxophone legend George Coleman which looks great.
This was kind of

September 2, 2018 The Universe of Miles Davis
The Universe of Miles Davis is a beautiful, interactive visualization and examination of Miles Davis’ mentions on

June 28, 2018 Sonny Stitt in 1982
Sonny is without doubt one of my favorite players. Here’s a great video and some info on JazzWax. Adding this to my

June 22, 2018 John Coltrane's Lost Tapes
Marc Myers on the imminent release of John Coltrane’s lost tapes: So where was this tape hiding all these years? The tape sat on the shelf at Van

February 28, 2018 Jakie McLean documentary on Jazz Wax
And JazzWax dug up another interesting documentary. This time on Jackie McLean: Jackie McLean on Mars. Now I

February 23, 2018 Another very interesting in documentary: BBC Documentary: Charlie Parker.
I don’t think I have seen this one before, but surely will over the weekend

February 17, 2018 Art Pepper: Jazz Surviver
This looks like a great documentary. Will have to watch it this weekend

February 8, 2018 This just showed up in my feed.
Fantastic Coltrane with Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb recorded in Düsseldorf in 1960

October 17, 2017 Another great find on JAzzWax and a video that I will have to check out: Dizzy Gillespie Documentary, 1990 - JazzWax

October 6, 2017 Joel Frahm: It's the how we play
Joel Frahm in Smallsville Workshop Podcast: On of the things talking about Jazz tradition is the fact that there’s is a feeling that is passed

October 5, 2017 A BeBop-Scale Loop
I like to come up with looping exercise like this, because they are a quick way to learn some new material and built-up vocabulary and technique.

August 3, 2017 After you have visited the Big Band gig on Friday you can of course come to Jumpru Pub on Saturday at 16:30 and listen to us performing the music of Charles Mingus.
After you have visited the Big Band gig on Friday you can of course come to Jumpru Pub on Saturday at 16:30 and listen to us performing the music of

July 20, 2017 Sonny Rollins live in 1968.
Great music and video from Cafe Montmatre on Jazz Wax: Sonny Rollins: Copenhagen, 1968

May 31, 2017 Starting the day with a classic: Dexter Gordon - Sophisticated Giant

April 5, 2017 "I Better to try to work on it"
Sonny Rollins talks about working with Monk and the Bridge period: I didn’t have the feeling within myself, that I was really able to put out what

February 21, 2017 Tuesday Jazz - Chet Baker: The Last Great Concert
Chet Baker is one of my all-time favourites and recently I have been on a little binge-listen of the “The Last Great Concert” recordings. The

February 6, 2017 Bob Mintzer instructional videos on You Tube
This morning Jazz Video Guy shared a bunch instructional videos from Bob Mintzer, such as the above on Rhythm, on Building Jazz Improvisations from

January 28, 2017 Mingus
This is what I call timely. We were just sitting in the bus going north to perform the music of Charles Mingus when the article Doc: Charles Mingus

July 14, 2016 'This Set is meant for Parker enthusiasts'
Marc Myers reviews ‘Bird Unheard’: It’s probably fair to say that this set is meant for Parker enthusiasts— those who have spent years listening to

June 17, 2016 "One of his most important musical dialogues was Blue Train"
Marc Myers in John Coltrane’s Blue Train: The perfection and excitement of this album is hard to match. The flawless, sculptured lines catch the

June 7, 2016 Bird Unheard
From Unheard Bird on Downbeat Magazine: The two-disc set, available July 1, includes 58 previously unreleased studio takes recorded between 1949

April 25, 2016 Kenny Werner: “Effortless Mastery” in Talks at Google
In 1996, Kenny published a groundbreaking book on the emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological aspects of mastering and performing titled

February 29, 2016 Bob Mintzer Masterclass Videos
A few years ago I had the chance to meet one of favourite saxophone players, Bob Mintzer, when he was in town. Meeting him and attending the class

February 18, 2016 "It's in There"
Joe Lovano: Hearing it with Ben Webster, hearing it with Griff, you’re realizing it’s all there man. It’s in there. You search for things and then

February 11, 2016 Buddy DeFranco: That's part of playing Jazz
“If you play all the jazz in the world in your room and nobody hears it, what does it mean? What you do on a stage is show off. You show what you

February 9, 2016 Blogroll: Ted Panken's - Today Is The Question
Another blog that I found while looking for interviews with my favourite Jazz artists. Well, you will plenty of those and many other great articles

January 19, 2016 Blogroll: Jazz Wax
I ran into Jazz Wax, written by Marc Myers, whilst researching interviews with Buddy DeFranco. After little browsing on the site I quickly got stuck

December 15, 2015 More Garzone
All the audiobooks and podcasts that I am running through on a daily basis aside I have been also on a George Garzone binge recently. I rarely find

November 28, 2015 Herbie Hancock: ‘A Great Teacher’
“A great teacher is one who realizes that he himself is also a student and whose goal is not to dictate the answers, but to stimulate his students’

November 27, 2015 New Eric Alexander E-Book
Eric is surely one of my favourite players at the moment. Everything he plays seems to fall right into place. I have been working with and

November 12, 2015 A Mobley Loop
Those were roughly the words one of my all-time heroes Rick Margitza said to me when I had the chance to have a lesson with him in New York. And

November 9, 2015 ‘Sound Before Anything You Play’
“I think, people will recognise you more for your sound than they will by what you’re playing, because no one knows what you’re playing. […] But

November 7, 2015 George Garzone Masterclass
Talking about masterclasses and here’s another great one: George Garzone clinic in Moscow. 1:30 hours of great stuff

November 3, 2015 Chris Potter Masterclass
This is a great recording of a Chris Potter from Jamey Aebersold’s Summer Jazz Workshops in 2015. I haven’t had the time watch it all, but it

October 28, 2015 Joel Frahm Live
I wrote before a few times here how much I appreciate the playing of Joel Frahm. Seeing him live around here is though, simply put, impossible. Over

October 16, 2015 BEATBoX Saxophone
This is the most mind-blowing sax-technique that I came across, in, I don’t know, like ever. Impressive work by saxophonist Derek Brown. If you are

October 13, 2015 Phil Woods
In Phil Woods on Jazz Wax: Starting in the 1950s, Phil recorded relentlessly as a leader and sideman, and was in solid demand as a soloist by big

September 26, 2015 A Wayne Shorter Portait
In Wayne’s World: Wayne Shorter With The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra He’s revered by many generations of jazz lovers, including the members of

September 20, 2015 Steve Neff’s Transcription Page
Saxophonist and blogger Steve Neff has collected links to all the solo-transcriptions on his site on one page. Very helpful, and there’s is lot’s of

September 10, 2015 One For All
Talking about arranging. One of my favorite sextet with one of favorite tenor-players, Eric Alexander. (via Eric Alexander)

September 5, 2015 The Story of Kind Of Blue
From Miles Davis — Kind of Blue on Jazzwise Magazine: It is all the more remarkable, then, that it was made on the cheap — a few thousand dollars

August 18, 2015 Revisiting ‘Workin’’
It’ been a long while since I have been listening to Miles Davis’s Walkin’ and was yet once more reminded of the beauty and the genius of

August 10, 2015 ‘There is, in fact, a science to swing’
Paul Abrahams in Stop Trying To Swing: Play a constant stream of smooth eighth notes. At first it doesn’t matter which notes you play, as long as

May 12, 2015 John Coltrane: An Animated Interview
Whoa, this had been in my feed a couple of times today. What a gem! I’m a sucker for interviews[^-361149509] and having it packed in such a nice

April 8, 2015 ‘You Know My Shit, huh?’
Christian McBride had been on countless of the records that I have been listening over the years and I was (positively) surprised to learn that,

March 22, 2015 The Red Horn
A concert with trombonist Nils Landgren was planned for many, many years and now it finally happened. How great is that. I heard first about it many

March 15, 2015 Charles Mingus on Creativity
“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.” Charles Mingus

March 5, 2015 Scaled in Miles - An Interactive Visualization
The other day I found this fascinating and beautifully designed interactive visualization of Miles Davis’s work: Here is a look at the history of

January 8, 2015 A John Coltrane Omnibook Playlist
The other day I (finally) finished putting together a Spotify playlist with the tunes from the John Coltrane Omnibook . It’s really a great book

January 4, 2015 A Looping Exercise
Some of my favourite etudes that I ran into over the years are the Kröpsch Clarinet etudes, especially the first volume. The exercises are short,

November 8, 2014 An Impromptu Quartet
A few weeks ago, we had put a quartet together to perform during the local Tulinberg Viikko. We learned about the concert a few days before, so it

November 5, 2014 ‘A Blues in All Twelve Keys’
Steve Neff shares another solo transcription from Bob Mintzer. This time it’s a solo on a blues in all keys and I can hardly think of a better to

November 2, 2014 ‘Just One Of The Many Lessons I Learned from Miles’ - Herbie Hancock
“We all have a natural human tendency to take the safe route - to do the thing we know will work - rather than taking a chance. But that’s the

October 20, 2014 ‘The bear Came Around and His Arm went over the Saxophone Section’
On Wasted Years on Blank on Blank is an animated interview with Stan Getz. The video is an adaptation of an interview hosted by Joe Smith from the

September 19, 2014 ‘It’s like a language’ - Stan Getz
“It’s like a language. You learn the alphabet, which are the scales. You learn sentences, which are the chords. And then you talk extemporaneously

August 30, 2014 The Jazz Photography by William P.Gottlieb
Just this morning I ran into the collection of Jazz Photography by William P.Gottlieb in the Library Of Congress’s Flickr-stream. As I wrote in an

August 29, 2014 Jazz Quotes
Matt Mullenweg: I think it’s a shame that there is no good, definitive collection of notable quotes by everyone’s favorite musicians. So I’ve begun

August 29, 2014 Paul Desmond: Writing and Jazz - Quote
“Writing is like jazz. It can be learned, but it can’t be taught.” Paul Desmond

August 3, 2014 A Session To Remember
It’s rare enough of an occasion that someone like Joe Lovano performs around here, let alone shows up on the Jam Session. So rare, that I almost

July 31, 2014 On Blue Mitchell
In the last few episodes of Jazz Insights host Gordon Vernick profiled Jazz trumpet player Blue Mitchell. I had been vaguely familiar with Blue

July 21, 2014 Jazz Dispute
The video Jazz Dispute by Jeremiah McDonald is with it’s 8 years probably almost historic in internet-years. I watched for the first time few years

April 7, 2014 Rediscovered Photos of John Coltrane
In New Photos of John Coltrane Rediscovered 50 Years After They Were Shot: Stewart still has the Rolleiflex camera he used at the session, and the

January 18, 2014 Some Interview and Masterclass goodness
I enjoyed the playing of Joel Frahm ever since I listened his duo recording with Brad Mehldau Don’t Explain. Since then I have transcribed and

December 14, 2013 Monk’s Advice [Link]
Some wise words from the man himself: The inside of the tune is the part that makes the outside sound good. or: Stop playing all those weird

November 30, 2013 Make Me Smile - Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra
What a saxophone section on Make Me Smile: Dick Oatts (plays as awesome as ever), Kenny Garrett, Joe Lovano…

November 19, 2013 The John Coltrane Omnibook Review
You get the impression that someone at Hal Leonard (they deserve a raise) went through this book page by page with the goal of making it as easy to

November 16, 2013 Chris Potter Underground
Since I was sharing a video the other day, right away another one. Very nice documentary on Chris Potter’s Underground. Since he himself tweeted

November 15, 2013 Joel Frahm/Kenny Barron at Sweet Rhythm
Joel Frahm is without doubt one of my favourite tenor player and here he performs with one of my favourite pianist, Kenny Barron. There’s not much

November 8, 2013 Jazz Insights
I have recently discovered this podcast and have been enjoying very much. Very insightful episodes on a multitude of artists. A must listen for

September 25, 2013 Quote: Clark Terry
“Well, I’m too old to pimp, and too young to die, so I’m just gon’ keep playin’.” Clark Terry

September 24, 2013 Mintzer Tip - Jazz Lessons with Giants
Bob Mintzer has impressed me a lot when he was here in the beginning of the year, and here’s a neat little tip for improvising

March 28, 2013 Jazz Stories
Over the years I had had the luck to meet a few Jazz-greats over the years. I remember Benny Golson, Sam Rivers, Charlie Mariano and a few more. In