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June 12, 2020 The Case of Dexter Ward - Podcast
If you follow this blog for a while you know I enjoy horror-/mystery audio-dramas a lot and via Boing Boing I ran into a modern adaptation of

April 16, 2020 Radio Free Burrito
Due my audiobook-habit and my recent TNG-re-watch Wil Wheaton had been in my ears plenty. He is surely one of my listened-to audiobook narrators.

April 4, 2020 Earlier today I finished LeVar Burton’s reading of Max Gladstone’s A Kiss With Teeth on his podcast and enjoyed it a lot and would really like to follow his live-reading of Neil Gaiman’s work later today.
Earlier today I finished LeVar Burton’s reading of Max Gladstone’s A Kiss With Teeth on his podcast and enjoyed it a lot and would really like to

July 30, 2019 I don’t know how I could have missed this, but Marvel’s Wolverine podcast went already into season 2.
I know what I’m going to listen to during the

April 17, 2019 Finally came around listening to "The Great Leap Years"
From Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years: It tells the story of how our lives have been transformed by a fascinating and compelling mixture of human

January 3, 2019 Happy to notice that The Magnus Archives Season 4 will start next week.
Looking forward to that

March 23, 2018 My Podcast List for Spring 2018
The amount of podcasts consumed during the last few months has seriously been going down I have written at length about my podcast habit and have

November 2, 2017 Things Watched and Listened: October 2017
A couple of podcasts and series that I watched during the last month There are a lot of things going on and I usually don’t have much time to watch

August 31, 2017 Witout you, we just be scaring ourselves
The season finale of “The Magnus Archives” doesn’t disappoint. Looking forward to the continuation of the series later this year. Luckily the

March 31, 2017 My Podcast List for Spring 2017
I did some spring-cleaning and have cleaned up my subscription list and cut it in half During the last year my podcast list has grown quite a bit,

February 8, 2017 Bronzeville - Audio Drama
Today launched the premiere of Bronzeville, a scripted audio-drama directed by (as far as I understood), and starring Laurence Fishburne. The show

December 2, 2016 My Podcast List for 2016
The list of the podcasts that made it to the end of this year. It’s December and and it is time to post another My Favourite Podcast Post. My

October 12, 2016 For Your Daily Zombie Needs
I was looking for some more audio dramas but found some interesting audiobook podcasts instead. The other day I managed, yet again, to fully catch

October 7, 2016 It's Alive
I was happy to notice that the team behind We’re Alive have teased one if not two new parts in the series. We’re Alive is probably my favourite

October 6, 2016 'Return Home'
Another podcast that I have been bingeing during the last week (it goes without saying that is another creepy, mystery audio-drama) is Return Home.

September 28, 2016 The Bright Sessions
I am on a roll recently and after fully catching up with my current set of audio-dramas I was looking for more and quickly found The Bright

September 18, 2016 MarsCorp Podcast
I am currently exploring and bingeing quite a few new podcasts recently and my latest discovery is MarsCorp Podcast: MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted

September 9, 2016 The Magnus Archives
Another new obsession of mine in the horror genre is the podcast The Magnus Archives: Make your statement, face your fear.” The Magnus Archives is

August 29, 2016 "A Disorienting Journey Through Spacetime"
I had caught up with most of my subscriptions and was looking for another serial audio drama and after little digging found ars PARADOXICA: When an

August 17, 2016 The Deep Vault Podcast
The team behind “Achive 81”, another podcast that I enjoyed, teased their new show The Deep Vault and it sounds great. The Deep Vault is a

August 3, 2016 Hayward Sanitarium Podcast
I was browsing through this comprehensive list of Horror-Podcasts on Reddit and found Hayward Sanitarium and have been listening to it since. From

June 20, 2016 "Crazytown" - Small Town Horror Podcast
By now it is obvious that I have a thing for mystery or horror podcasts and the other day I ran into another interesting one: Small Town Horror

April 26, 2016 "Lockdown is Live"
Even though I got the episode already last week as part of the Kickstarter reward, I chose to wait and listen to the episode when it goes live. I

January 12, 2016 Awesome
During the last few weeks I had been looking around for some fresh podcasts and quickly found Surprisingly Awesome in the Pocket Casts charts, and

January 5, 2016 The Message Podcast
I have just finished binging The Message, a Sci-Fi podcast that I ran into. Think a Sci-Fi version of Serial, a format that has become quite popular

December 21, 2015 My Podcast-List for 2015
As in the previous year(s) Podcast’s constitute a large portion of my entertainment. Also my tastes and preferences vary quite a bit, which makes

November 26, 2015 Imaginary Worlds
The other day I learned about the Imaginary Worlds Podcast and it’s rather fascinating so far. Imaginary Worlds Is A Bi-Weekly Podcast About Sci-Fi

November 18, 2015 ‘I thought you said tennis’
It’s only a few episodes in, but the (not so) new (anymore) show Tanis (from the creators of the Black Tapes podcast) turns out to be rather

October 5, 2015 No Demons Lurking In Wind: Judge John Hodgman’s Body of Settled Law
In Judge John Hodgman’s Settled Law: People like what they like, you can’t force someone to like something. You can expose them to a piece of work,

September 16, 2015 Where You Want To Read The Show Notes
Who doesn’t like all things space? Well, at least I do, and now at episode 3, Liftoff has become one of my favourite new shows on Relay FM. Liftoff

August 5, 2015 Limetown
I just finished the first episode of new and promising (fictional) mystery podcast: Limetown: Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and

July 27, 2015 The Black Tapes Podcast
The other day I ran into another interesting mystery podcast: The Black Tapes Podcast. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one

July 15, 2015 My favourite Podcasts for July 2015
I have written quite a bit about podcasts during this year and even more so listened and adjusted my listening habits. Once my feed was dominated by

July 11, 2015 ‘All In Your Head’
My favorite episode on 99% Invisible so far about sound effects in horror movies. Very interesting

June 9, 2015 Resources for Podcast Recommendations
I wrote a few times about the state of my ever so often changing and continuously increasing podcast subscriptions. Podcasts are a constant

March 21, 2015 ‘Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction’
From Lore podcast: Lore is a podcast about folklore. The people, places, and things of our darkest nightmares all have real facts at their core.

February 9, 2015 The Podcast Client Situation Part 2
I told you that I will let you know once I have a solution to my Podcast client issue, and even though I try to convince myself a little bit more, I

January 16, 2015 Wormwood
My search for fresh podcasts continues, yet seems I only run into shows that have been discontinued already. This is not a bad thing, as it has the

December 31, 2014 My Favourite Podcasts of 2014
The state of my subscriptions has changed quite a bit during this year. New shows have been added, while I’m at the same time taking a bit of a

December 2, 2014 Filling the Gap
After two weeks taking a time-off from my usual podcast mix and binging We’re Alive I had some issues getting back into my current/old list of

November 19, 2014 For The Daily Zombie Needs
I recently grew a bit tired of some of my subscribed podcasts and looked for something new to fill the gaps. I wasn’t quite sure what to look for

April 10, 2014 On Podcasts
My last post in this category is by now about two years ago and it’s time for another Podcast post. Suffice to say, that I’m still hooked on

November 8, 2013 Jazz Insights
I have recently discovered this podcast and have been enjoying very much. Very insightful episodes on a multitude of artists. A must listen for

August 17, 2012 A Podcast Subscription Post
It had been years since I have become avid podcast-listener and what started with only a few selected podcasts had become a decent selection of

August 15, 2012 Podcast Favourites
It had been years since I have become avid podcast-listener and what started with only a few selected podcasts had become a decent selection of

April 7, 2011 Photography for the Ears - My Favourite Podcasts
It’s now two years ago that I wrote a blog entry with a list of my favourite podcasts and it’s time for a decent update. Up until today, podcasts

September 22, 2010 Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise: Audioboo
It’s time for a new image and another audio blog entry. I have posted one before already and considered it to be nice to talk freely about an image

August 4, 2010 Shelter From The Storm - AudioBoo
Together with the launch of this new site I thought it would be nice to also have some more multi-media content and as such, I decided to add some