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March 8, 2019 The original Omnibook gets a second volume and Steve Neff has a review of the The Charlie Parker Omnibook Volume 2.
This is great news and it has a

February 18, 2019 I might have found a new favourite alto-sax reed
So far I had been rather satisfied with the very basic, blue Vandoren reed on my alto. In combination with my Aizen GR 8 I consistently got a good

October 22, 2018 The fine folks at My Music Masterclass have released a video (actually two) with saxophone legend George Coleman which looks great.
This was kind of

February 28, 2018 Jakie McLean documentary on Jazz Wax
And JazzWax dug up another interesting documentary. This time on Jackie McLean: Jackie McLean on Mars. Now I

February 23, 2018 Another very interesting in documentary: BBC Documentary: Charlie Parker.
I don’t think I have seen this one before, but surely will over the weekend

February 17, 2018 Art Pepper: Jazz Surviver
This looks like a great documentary. Will have to watch it this weekend

July 31, 2017 "Keep the Pad Unstuck"
Ben Britton in Battling the Sticky G-sharp Key: The conventional wisdom that gets passed around is to clean the pad with pad paper or a dollar

February 10, 2017 New York State Of Mind: Tenor-Solo
A transcription from Richie Cannata’s tenor solo on Billy Joel’s New State Of Mind A student needed to play the solo and I tried to find a

February 6, 2017 Bob Mintzer instructional videos on You Tube
This morning Jazz Video Guy shared a bunch instructional videos from Bob Mintzer, such as the above on Rhythm, on Building Jazz Improvisations from

October 24, 2016 'There are consistent changes to your sound'
In Ligature Position and Sound Ben Britton explores how the position of the ligature affects the sound. Very interesting and insightful

June 17, 2016 "One of his most important musical dialogues was Blue Train"
Marc Myers in John Coltrane’s Blue Train: The perfection and excitement of this album is hard to match. The flawless, sculptured lines catch the

May 11, 2016 Things to consider when trying a new Mouthpiece
While trying a couple of new mouthpieces for the Alto a few thoughts came to mind. It’s that time of the year when I am trying a couple of

February 29, 2016 Bob Mintzer Masterclass Videos
A few years ago I had the chance to meet one of favourite saxophone players, Bob Mintzer, when he was in town. Meeting him and attending the class

November 27, 2015 New Eric Alexander E-Book
Eric is surely one of my favourite players at the moment. Everything he plays seems to fall right into place. I have been working with and

November 12, 2015 A Mobley Loop
Those were roughly the words one of my all-time heroes Rick Margitza said to me when I had the chance to have a lesson with him in New York. And

November 9, 2015 ‘Sound Before Anything You Play’
“I think, people will recognise you more for your sound than they will by what you’re playing, because no one knows what you’re playing. […] But

November 7, 2015 George Garzone Masterclass
Talking about masterclasses and here’s another great one: George Garzone clinic in Moscow. 1:30 hours of great stuff

November 3, 2015 Chris Potter Masterclass
This is a great recording of a Chris Potter from Jamey Aebersold’s Summer Jazz Workshops in 2015. I haven’t had the time watch it all, but it

October 28, 2015 Joel Frahm Live
I wrote before a few times here how much I appreciate the playing of Joel Frahm. Seeing him live around here is though, simply put, impossible. Over

October 16, 2015 BEATBoX Saxophone
This is the most mind-blowing sax-technique that I came across, in, I don’t know, like ever. Impressive work by saxophonist Derek Brown. If you are

September 26, 2015 A Wayne Shorter Portait
In Wayne’s World: Wayne Shorter With The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra He’s revered by many generations of jazz lovers, including the members of

January 8, 2015 A John Coltrane Omnibook Playlist
The other day I (finally) finished putting together a Spotify playlist with the tunes from the John Coltrane Omnibook . It’s really a great book

January 4, 2015 A Looping Exercise
Some of my favourite etudes that I ran into over the years are the Kröpsch Clarinet etudes, especially the first volume. The exercises are short,

August 22, 2014 One Big Fingering Chart For Saxophone
During my preparation for the upcoming school year I ran into this fingering chart for saxophone by Peter Wespi which I thought might be interesting

July 17, 2014 ‘You don’t have to use a pint-glass’
In this short video Bob Reynolds explains How to soak reeds. Everything is there: from the white paper trick over to rubbing the grains back into

January 18, 2014 Some Interview and Masterclass goodness
I enjoyed the playing of Joel Frahm ever since I listened his duo recording with Brad Mehldau Don’t Explain. Since then I have transcribed and

November 19, 2013 The John Coltrane Omnibook Review
You get the impression that someone at Hal Leonard (they deserve a raise) went through this book page by page with the goal of making it as easy to

November 16, 2013 Chris Potter Underground
Since I was sharing a video the other day, right away another one. Very nice documentary on Chris Potter’s Underground. Since he himself tweeted

November 3, 2013 Fingering Diagram Builder
I haven’t had time to test it myself (yet) but this tool really fills a gap. Since I’m currently doing a lot of materials