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June 7, 2013 Rivinnokka
Yes it has been a while since the last update but now it’s more time for a fresh picture. I used the beginning of the vacation for a first (think

November 9, 2012 Announcing NerdQuery
Did you ever start something just to scratch your own itch.? Then it started to be better than you expected so you kept building and polishing until

January 28, 2011 Interview with me…
but of course not here on this blog. Photographer and blogger Olaf Bathke, who just recently launched his blog in English language, has today

January 8, 2011 Featured on Photoshelter!
I was just browsing through my Twitter feed in the morning I learned that yours truly is featured Photoshelters latest shout-out post. Wow, what an

November 29, 2010 Presentation Follow-Up
I don’t want to bore you too much with my small achievements, but I wanted to give a quick follow up on the presentation that I have done during a

November 26, 2010 The Presentation Is Ready To Go
Big day today! During the last few days I have been busy preparing what is going to be my first bigger presentation of my work (outside the blog or

November 23, 2010 I Like To Read…
I like to read… offline (these funny big and heavy things which have way more than 600 words and made of paper) and online. But in fact most of my

November 12, 2010 Happy Anniversary!
Open the champagne bottles and launch the fireworks! Today it’s party time! At least a little… It’s now three years ago that I was looking for a

November 1, 2010 Pastel Sunrise - iPad Wallpaper for November
During the last month I had been experimenting quite bit with creating abstracts using the panning technique. I published a first photograph here on

October 31, 2010 Guest-Blogging…
One of the many things that I did recently, was writing a guest-article for the popular German photography blog “” and just yesterday

October 8, 2010 Friday Freebie: An iPad Wallpaper from the Coast of Cornwall
A few weeks ago I released my, so far, first e-book “Cornwall - A Photographic Journey” and I’m very happy that it had been very well received. It

September 27, 2010 Aperture Monday and more: Split Toned Black And White Presets
Last week I posted a tutorial on how it’s possible to create a nicely split-toned B&W image in Aperture and already then I announced the release of

September 20, 2010 Aperture Monday: Split Toning Black & White Images
About a year ago I got very interested about B&W conversion once I got the Silver EfexPro plugin, because it made it easy for me to get the results

September 17, 2010 Friday Poll: Where Do You Sign Your Prints?
Those of you who have been downloading and reading my e-book which I released two weeks ago, might have noticed the announcement at the end of the

September 13, 2010 Aperture Monday: My Aperture Wish List
After years of working with Lightroom I have switched to Aperture about 6 months ago and I’m very satisfied with the software and have never looked

September 6, 2010 Aperture Monday: Layer Opacity Trick
One of the many things that I enjoy about Aperture is possibility to mask or brush in/away almost every adjustment that I made. It’s a huge time

September 1, 2010 Free E-Book release: Cornwall - A Photographic Journey
I announced it already a while ago, and after a few weeks of preparation it’s now ready and I’m happy to announce the launch of my first e-book:

August 30, 2010 Aperture Monday: Toned, Dramatic Sky B&W Preset
I have to say, I’m really not the biggest user of presets in general. Sometimes though, when things have to go fast, or I would like to get some

August 23, 2010 Aperture Monday Quick Tip: Speed Up Dust Brushing
Here’s a quick tip when working with Aperture on slower computers (at least on something like mine, a first generation unibody MacBook). Even though

August 21, 2010 What’s New
Since I now have finalized my move over to my own domain with my own hosted blogging solution I would like to use the time to share with you what’s

August 17, 2010 A Quick Follow Up on the E-Book - What’s Happening
I would like to thank everyone who left a comment and participated in last week’s poll and I would like to give a quick follow up on the poll

August 13, 2010 Cornwall - The e-Book, soon here on the blog
In my last post I was slightly cryptical and told you about a new project which I have planned and now it is time to tell you a little more about

July 13, 2010 Using The Crop Tool To Improve The Eye
Today I would like to share a lesson that I learned during my last trip. Most lessons are learned the hard way, and so is this. Before I captured

July 4, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday — TiPPS #14: The Norway Edition #2
Now that I’m back from the trip I started to process my images and have still a lot work ahead of me. Luckily there’s always some iPhone images that

July 2, 2010 Almost Back
A last stop before being back home and we having finally access to Internet connection again. So it’s time for a quick update: It was an exciting

June 22, 2010 Aperture Monday: The Belated Edition
I have been happily using Aperture for a while now and I ran into a few more Aperture related resources which were useful for me and maybe for one

June 20, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday — TiPPS #13: Monochrome Beach
Sometimes I process an image or images with different apps to test a different app or to simply see what happens and these are no exception. I

June 14, 2010 Rocks And Ropes — The Videoblog
Another entry in my videoblog category. I announced this video-blog already last week in my live-blog entry and the sneak-peek from a more or less

June 9, 2010 Featured Image: Arctic Beach #1
My next trip to Norway, or more precise the Lofoten, is only a few weeks ahead and I thought it’s about time for a recent image again. It was on

June 8, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: More Landscape Photography Clips
In my last link post I posted a few links to short video clips about Joe Cornish, David Ward and Charlie Waite which I enjoyed watching and recently

June 7, 2010 Rocks And Ropes - The Sneak Peek
Covered with mosquito bites I returned home and as usual imported the images into Aperture. I was happy to notice that the images turned out like I

June 6, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday - TiPPS #11
It’s TiPPS time again. The week has been fairly busy again and there are quite a few images and two new entries for my videoblog waiting to be

June 4, 2010 Waiting For The Light — The Video-Blog
After a few days of waiting here’s now my follow up to my entry Waiting For The Light in my photo-journals. As with my previous posts I decided to

June 2, 2010 Rocks and Ropes
The forecast announced bad weather for the next few days which made me changing my plans and head out already today. Originally I intended to go far

June 1, 2010 Tuesday Wallpaper Special: Hang In There
My original intent was to post a videoblog today as a follow up to yesterday’s post, but I realized that it’s the first day of the month today,

May 31, 2010 Waiting For The Light
During the evening the weather conditions turned to the better and it promised to be a nice sunset with good colours in the few remaining clouds.

May 30, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday - TiPPS #10: The Beach Edition
It’s TiPPS time again. These images are taken a few weeks ago, and by now the beach luckily looks a lot different. I took these images while I was

May 28, 2010 Friday Inspiration: The Wider Eye
I have been blogging here before a few posts about photographers whose work I enjoyed a lot and which were simply inspiring and now, after a long

May 25, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: Landscape Photography on Video - Cornish, Ward and Waite
It’s Tuesday again and therefore time for another link special. I like to put them into a theme about something that is interesting me at the moment

May 24, 2010 An Afternoon In The Forest - A Sneak-Peek
It has become almost a tradition of mine to post a little sneak-peek of some of the images that I took during a shooting. The first time I did this

May 23, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday — TiPPS #9: With Hipstamatic In The Forest
And again a week has passed and it’s time for another post in this series and again it’s Hipstamatic time. Somehow I like this app and it’s fun to

May 22, 2010 Icy Beach – Videoblog
While I was processing my previous video, I found this clip in my library and it occurred to me that I haven’t posted this one yet. Actually I

May 21, 2010 Moskito Lake – The Videoblog
As promised already yesterday, here’s now the little “behind-the-scenes” kind of clip from the shooting. I will not write too much now, as I already

May 20, 2010 Summertime, and the ….
…Moskito season has officially started. I went back to this location to re-take a panorama I had been doing before. It’s I think two weeks ago when

May 20, 2010 Using Smart Folders to Sync Images with Aperture
In the beginning of the week I posted a blog about my second impressions of using Apple’s Aperture and one of the things I like about it is the

May 19, 2010 Featured Image: Vintage Boat
Old fishing boats have something mystical about them. Is it the structures of the wood which is revealed under the rotting paint, the shapes or are

May 17, 2010 My Switch to Aperture: Second Impressions
Recently I posted a blog here about my switch Aperture and wrote a little about my first impressions. After spending a lot more time with it I would

May 16, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday - TiPPS #8: Hipstamatic and Things At The Beach
It’s been another exciting week here at the blog. I have made some changes behind the scenes if you will, and I’m now almost done with the update

May 15, 2010 Interesting Site for Location Scouting
Earlier this week I was doing some research and location scouting for our upcoming trip to the Lofoten when I ran into a site called Trekearth -

May 13, 2010 Facebook Page Update
Just a quick update today…. After the launch of my Facebook Fan Page on Saturday I was now able to change the name to the less cryptic and generally

May 11, 2010 Tuesday Wallpaper Special
Yesterday I was editing my personal landing page a little and chose a slightly different edit of this image as the background for it. Ultimately

May 9, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday: TiPPS #7 - The Hipstamatic Forest Edition
It’s finally getting spring around here and the forests are almost snow-free by now. My photography season already has begun and I used a few

May 8, 2010 Launching My Facebook Fan Page
Today I would like to announce the launch of my Facebook Fan Page. I have been debating with this for quite some time already but I somehow never

May 8, 2010 Blocks of Ice: A Little Sneak-Peek
It was a fun and rather successful shooting last night and I got some images that I had visualized. It were good lighting conditions and due to the

May 7, 2010 Icy Rocks
Today was a beautiful day with nice fluffy clouds and we used the chance for a little trip to the beach. I have visited this location frequently. In

May 6, 2010 Revisiting Norway
now, at least virtually in Google Earth…. As a little follow up Tuesday’s link post on location scouting I thought it would be

May 3, 2010 Aperture Quick Tip: Make Book First
Here’s the thing…. I am slow, at least when it comes to post-processing. I love to process my images, but time is limited and I like to spend some

May 3, 2010 Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
It’s three in the morning when the alarm clock wakes me from a few hours sleep. I should be hurrying. It’s barely getting dark outside anymore and

May 2, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday: TiPPS #6
It’s Sunday and therefore time for another post in my freshly renamed series “The iPhone Photography Sunday”. This actually reminds of the fact that

April 29, 2010 Aperture Update
This is just in. Aperture 3.0.3 update available via Software update (via Aperture Users Network)

April 27, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: Aperture and Keywording
As I now almost completely imported my previous library into Aperture I started to get a little interested to improve my keywording. I had of course

April 26, 2010 Panning The Landscape
It finally got a lot warmer around and spring seems to be just around corner. I haven’t been able, or better inspired to do some landscape

April 20, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: All About Aperture
Last weekend I wrote a post about my first impressions with Aperture and my being-about-to-switch from Lightroom. I still enjoy the software and try

April 18, 2010 The iPhone Photography Sunday: TiPPS #5
I finally picked up my own idea and renamed my weekly iPhone photography post. The name iPhone Photography Saturday just doesn’t go over my tongue.

April 17, 2010 Switching to Aperture: First Impressions
I have been a little mysterious in one of my previous post’s about a new acquisition of mine but after using Adobe Lightroom for many years (I used

April 13, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: Things Photography
Despite all the processing that I have coming up (usually I’m slow with that anyway, have still images waiting to be processed from last summer. Not

April 6, 2010 My Shots From Norway: A Little Sneak Peek
It has been a wonderful to trip to Norway and we surely had good weather conditions, much better than here in the “south”. Being now back home I of

April 5, 2010 Day Off
We’re still on the way home and images are waiting to be imported, tagged and edited once we’re actually arriving. Some of those panoramas will take

April 4, 2010 The Departure
Now it’s time for our departure. We spent two nights here, but it had been exploring so much of the area around, that it certainly felt a little

April 4, 2010 The Road Back Home
The journey back home proceeds as expected. We use the time to drive a little further to the north in beautiful sunlight to explore the scenery for

April 3, 2010 Another Day Begins
The beautiful weather of the afternoon unfortunately didn’t last until the evening yesterday, and more and more clouds came up just in time to hide

April 2, 2010 Reached Our Destination
After 12 hours in the car we have reached our destination, Tromsö, in beautiful sunlight. After the little disappointment with the conditions in

April 2, 2010 On The Road To Norway
It’s around 12 o’clock when we pass the arctic circle. We planned to be at sunset in Kilpisjärvi, far in the north of Finland at the border to

April 1, 2010 The Bag Is Packed…
The bags are packed, the batteries are charged and the CF-cards a formatted and waiting to be filled. It’s going to be a long ride through the night

March 31, 2010 Gearing Up In Time
The days are finally getting longer rapidly and the day of our departure to Norway comes closer and closer. I have done some location scouting

March 30, 2010 Listed on All Day I Dream About Photography
First thing this morning I was surprised about the surprising amount of new Twitter followers I got during the night and after diving into my fully

March 27, 2010 The iPhone Photography Saturday: TiPPS #3
Another busy week is over and it’s time for another post in my TiPPS series here on the blog. The week has seen many posts here on the blog, and it

March 26, 2010 Getting Inspiration from iPhone Apps
If you had been following my Twitter stream or this blog during this week, you might have noticed my humble live-blogging from my recent shoot

March 23, 2010 Fishing Hut Update: The Video
Now I’m back home and starting to warm up with a few cups of coffee, and more important, finally dry socks. I imported todays images already and did

March 23, 2010 Live Bog: The Fishing Huts
Finally everything comes together at the right time. Good light and I actually have the time to go out shooting. This time I even didn’t got lost on

March 23, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: The Photoblogs
I have been following lots of photoblogs ever since I got into photography. I enjoy how this always motivates me to keep up with my work and all the

March 22, 2010 iPhone Photography Prints
It’s not a photograph until it’s a print…. I think something along these lines the saying goes, and even though it’s a little bit of a platitude,

March 20, 2010 The iPhone Photography Saturday - TiPPS #2
Another eventful week (more info on that is about to come up soon) has passed and it’s time again for a new post my brand-new “The iPhone

March 17, 2010 My Favorite iPhone Apps: The Photography Apps
Those of you who follow me on Twitter or happen to any read any of my blogs (the number is about to shrink btw) probably have noticed that I, like

March 15, 2010 Monday Landscape Inspiration
Here’s a quick one to start off into the week. Two portfolios with beautiful landscape photography. On the weekend I ran into the portfolio of

March 13, 2010 New On The Blog: TiPPS - The iPhone Photography Saturday
Usually the Saturday had been a blog-free day around here and I thought it’s about time to change that a little with a tiny little new series here

March 10, 2010 Chasing Waterfalls
Blue sky! It feels like the first time this year, after all this waiting and especially after the other day’s disappointment, involving me being on

March 9, 2010 Tuesday Link Special: All Things Photography
Last week I posted a little link post with some nice reads that I ran into during the week. As the last few link post’s (well, I kind of just

March 8, 2010 On Fishing And Photography
I have often compared photography with fishing. It’s not necessarily about getting the actual fish, it’s more the process, being out there and

February 26, 2010 Mentioned on Photo.Tuts+
Twitter friend @ashility just pointed me to the article 8 Ways To Unleash The Creative Photographer Inside You on Photo.Tuts+ and my little blog got

February 12, 2010 A little different “Follow Friday”
My Twitter followers might have noticed it already…. I persistently forget about FollowFriday, and I’m sorry about that. It’s a lovely tradition

February 1, 2010 Not really my business
Those of you familiar with my work, know that I mainly shoot landscapes. I simply enjoy shooting landscapes the most. I like being out there, alone

January 22, 2010 My favorite gear of 2009
As announced already a while ago, here’s now the final post of my yearly summary. Could have been earlier posted maybe, but better now than never. I

December 29, 2009 2009 - A little Slideshow
As announced earlier on the blog, I would now like to take the chance to show off some of my personal best images during this year. My personal

December 17, 2009 Winter Project: Forest’s and Trees
Winter has now finally arrived around here and I hope it’s about to stay now. During the last week we had chilly minus 20 degrees celsius or more

December 4, 2009 Joe Cornish: A Video By Tim Parkin
I have been writing about Tim Parkin’s inspiring website/blog earlier on my blog and today he posted another interesting post on his site. A video

November 24, 2009 The Open Source Photographyguides Project
Just today I ran into a very interesting project (via David’s Blog) which I’m as a landscape photographer are very excited about, and I would like

October 25, 2009 Some More Guest-Blogging
In between all the activity here on my blog with it’s ongoing re-design, name changing and the attempt to have holidays at the same time, I managed

October 22, 2009 Interview with Andrew Thatch
During the last summer I used the time to go out shooting as much as possible and did a few trips to Norway and a little around the county here. But

September 28, 2009 Making B&W Prints
Recently I was writing here on my new fascination for Black&White images and the announcement for my _logo-competition__, where the price is just

September 7, 2009 Abandoning colour!?
I admit the title of this little write-up is surely a little provocating but today I would like to share a very intense, if not game changing

August 24, 2009 Interview on Visuelle Gedanken
Today I’m happy to announce that I got recently interviewed by photographer and blogger Martin Wolf from german photography blog visuelle Gedanken.

August 23, 2009 Live at the Lighthouse Pt. 2
Somehow the video didn’t got attached to the first post. So here it is now

August 23, 2009 Live at the Lighthouse
I was surprised that the weather changed to the better in the evening and I took the chance for an spontaneous trip to the lighthouse. Since I

July 7, 2009 Guestblogging again - Interviewing Andrew Thatcher
Martin Gommel from had to take a little time off his blog, as he is busy producing a teaching DVD, and he asked me if I contribute a

June 23, 2009 5 Questions…
to myself! Yes, I’m not totally gone crazy now and start to talking to myself, but Oliver Shaef passed the torch to me via his blog

June 2, 2009 Busy times ahead…..
Hi folks. It had been rather quiet here on my blog during May and I’m afraid it’s going to stay like this for a while now. Not that I lost interest

May 8, 2009 Guest Blogging on Composition
It had been a very busy time recently and finally the snow has melted away and I try to use all the time that I have available to look for new

April 28, 2009 Composition Quickie
** I had been very busy the during the last week and a half now, and hardly have time for just anything else than work. At least I found some time

April 21, 2009 Wednesday Inspiration: Mike McFarlane
As spring still seems to be a little ahead, and the photographic possibilities are a little limited at the moment still, I keep out looking for some

April 18, 2009 My Colour Adjustment Workflow
I have received several questions and requests related to the way I get these rich colours on my images. If you are a regular visitor on my blog you

April 13, 2009 Stuff That Inspires: Tim Parkin - Still Developing
Another post in my new “Stuff that Inspires” series. I ran into Tim Parkin’s website and photography a few days ago and enjoyed his images and

April 9, 2009 Stuff That Inspires: PixelatedImage-David DuChemins Blog
** For a while now I have had the idea for a series with things that have some sort of inspiring value to me and maybe to others, but somehow I

April 9, 2009 More Guest Blogging Activities
I have been guest blogging again…. Julia from German photography blog Fotoholiker asked me again if I could contribute an article for her blog.

April 3, 2009 A Little Clip About My Geared Head…
Today I would like to tell you a little about my new tripod head that I got just a few weeks ago, and with which I’m very satisfied with. I usually

March 28, 2009 Creating a Poster-like Print
A little more serious clip today than the last one. After my little contest here I received a question from a long time reader/visitor of this blog

March 27, 2009 Some kind of unboxing
I got a little something in the mail today and had nothing else to do at that time. So I did a little unboxing clip. Just don’t take this too

March 22, 2009 And The Winner Is….
I have a winner for my 1000th comment. Today at 9.23 o’clock Julia from nailed the 1000th comment and she will now receive this 50x70cm

March 18, 2009 A Little Video
Before I left to this trip to England I had the idea to do a few “behind the scenes” videos in Cornwall and took my G9 with me. It turned out though

March 15, 2009 Approaching the 1000th Comment and a Little Give-Away
I know what you’re thinking…. Now he’s asking for more comments and more visitors by giving away free stuff…. Yeah, some might think that, but I

February 26, 2009 And I’m off…
As some of you might have noticed it my Twitter stream or here from the blog of course, is that I’m about to leave to the beautiful area of Cornwall

February 10, 2009 I’m Guest Blogging Today
I have been guest blogging again. No, I’m not neglecting this blog of mine, but Julia from german photography blog “” asked me to

February 1, 2009 Interview on Blog On Photoblogs
Today I have another announcement to make. I’m proud to tell you that Brett from Blog On Photoblogs has published an interview with me. If you are

January 16, 2009 The guest-blogging-me
Today I have a little announcement to make: Photographer and blogger Martin Gommel from the german blog, asked me a few weeks ago if

January 12, 2009 New Series: The Shooting Diary
It has been a little silent on this blog here in the last few weeks. My life outside this blog caught up and kept me kind of busy. But still that

December 16, 2008 Using GND Filters on a Digital Camera: Part 3
In the previous two posts on using the GND filters, I wrote about what is needed, what they look like and how they are actually attached to the

December 5, 2008 Backpacking and camera gear or trying to solve a problem
As the days are getting shorter and shorter up here, I use the time to plan next years phototrips. I have some plans to maybe explore the south west

November 6, 2008 Image reviewed on Lens-Flare
Fellow photographer and german blogger Steffen Göthling from has new series on his blog, where he gives comments or a review of

October 2, 2008 Using GND filters on a Digital Camera: Part 2
In the first post in this series I wrote a little introduction to Graduated Neutral Density filters what they do and how they look like. In this

September 22, 2008 Using GND filters on a Digital Camera: Part 1
I have received several questions on my blog about the use of Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters, or better what these actually are. So I

September 4, 2008 Panning Still Objects
I got the inspiration for this technique while reading an article about photographer Ted Leeming and his interesting landscape photography.

September 2, 2008 Photography Podcasts
As I wrote on an earlier post I like to listen to podcasts. I have always some on my iPod/Phone with me. Usually I listen them on my way to a