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June 9, 2020 Weeknotes #11
During the last week this blog had been rather silent, for the obvious reasons. I had, and still have, a hard time keeping politics out of this

May 26, 2020 Weeknotes No 10
During the weeks since my last weeks not much had happened, and mostly everything was, like for everyone else, one big Groundhog Day. That pretty

April 6, 2020 Weeknotes #9
And another week is done, suffice it to say, not much has changed. Here’s the gist. This working from home, and hence sitting in front of the

March 28, 2020 Weeknotes #8
Since the last installment of this series again a few months have passed, but I took a bit of a distance from the blog and my computer and in

December 15, 2019 Weeknotes #7
It is time for a long overdue edition of the Weeknotes. Life and my newly found extensive journaling habit have kept me from sitting down and

July 2, 2019 Weeknotes #6
The vacation time around here, brings it with that not so much is happening of course. One major thing would be my move back to Wordpress. I have

June 5, 2019 Weeknotes #5
Truth to be told, vacation has started and there is not much going on in the first place, so I guess this will be rather short. During the last few

May 19, 2019 Weeknotes #4
Since last week’s Weeknotes was amiss, this is more of a two weeks’ note. Truth is, not much had happened in the previous week and I had been rather

May 6, 2019 Weeknotes #3
This weeks’ Weeknotes are going to be much shorter than last weeks. It was a rather busy week though During this week I managed to watch one thing.

April 28, 2019 Weekly-Bits #2
The beginning of the week was a bit busy but I got some work done and currently I’m up in the north again for some concerts with the students. This

April 21, 2019 Weekly Bits #1
It’s a bit crazy right now. It’s getting warmer every day (which is great) it also feels earlier than in the recent years, even though the average