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February 28, 2019 I enjoyed the article ”Using Parts of Speech to Improve Your Writing” on the iA blog.
It shows how to utilize iA Writer’s syntax highlighting and

December 15, 2018 The upcoming iA Writer release looks very nice.
I hope that the same typographic improvements will make it also in the soon-to-be-released Windows

December 30, 2017 iA Writer BOOM!
Some things you can’t make up. I was just writing a short piece on how I have, again, ditched Ulysses and went back to my ever trusted iA Writer. I

November 26, 2017 iA Writer’s new font
The post In Search of the Perfect Writing Font from the folks behind iAWriter popped up in my RSS reader the other ago and sadly turned into a case

August 18, 2017 From Raw to Cooked to Sushi
In iA Writer 5: From Raw to Cooked to Sushi — iA: In every design iteration, our individual versions evolved from the raw, to the complex, to the

May 30, 2015 Setting up as my Markdown Editor
I recently had to admit to myself that too many options are not good for the way I work. Once I have the chance to fiddle, I will do so and

November 20, 2013 Markdown on!
Markdown has arrived on! Some of you may respond with “Finally!” Christmas came early this year, at

November 17, 2012 A Drafts Pro-Tip
Today is a bit of a relaxed day, and I thought it’s time for an half-serious pro-tip. If you’re like me and literally use Drafts on iOS for every

November 16, 2012 Day One Update
Day One is without doubt one of my favourite applications both on iOS and on OSX and it is also one of those applications I wish I simply would use

October 23, 2012 Drafts gains native support
With its latest update Drafts1 added today native posting to and is getting yet one more step closer to the ultimate iOS text-input app. I

August 29, 2012 get’s an Update
My (by now) favourite text-editor Byword has gotten a nice update today. It sports now a dark theme, folders with iCloud, full-text search, export

August 22, 2012 Blogging from the iPad with Poster
I think that most of the time I find some awesome piece of software it is usually in one way or the other connected with something, something Brett

July 22, 2012 Simplifying Markdown with TextExpander
If you follow this blog for a while you already know that I switch my preferred text-editor more often than my pants [1] but whatever I do, I always

July 13, 2012 K760 - A Few Timely Links
If there’s one thing that I am really not good with, it has to be waiting for stuff to arrive. In fact I totally dislike it. Announced earlier this

July 7, 2012 Byword on iOS and External Keyboards
Most of my writing is done on the iPad and whenever I really sit down and do some more extensive writing I use it in conjunction with an external

June 9, 2012 Re-Discovering Nebulous Notes
As you know I am indeed a tad obsessed with finding the perfect text-editor on iOS. At this moment I think I can positively say that I have tried a

May 18, 2012 A Text-Editor Habit
After my last confession it is time for another one. I have a problem. I have developed a habit: text-editors. It turns out that I (amongst other

March 6, 2012 When “distraction-free” doesn’t equal “free of distractions”
Over the past few years, the act of writing has become somewhat of a regular task for me. In fact I often find myself writing not with the purpose

February 22, 2012 A Mono-spaced confession
Found this on blog which I recently discovered and felt kind of caught. … Your nerd lives in a monospaced typeface world. Whereas everyone else is