I ran into the idea of a /USING page while visiting some personal blogs (as one should) found the idea compelling. So, this is mine, it is nowhere near completion, but I will update as I go.



My goal is to minimize my setups as much as possible, and therefore use as little apps as possible and if possible use Open-Source software. I have still a way to go, but I’m getting there.


This is new and my latest addition and I’m rather excited about this. I’m trying, successfully so far, to use Emacs for all things related to writing, taking notes and task management. By the time of this writing I’m still on vacation, so workload is limited but it is getting there.


I started out with Finale and after years of sticking with it I switched, after a very brief stint to Musecore, over to Sibelius for another couple of years. I liked it, but the app is so bloated, cumbersome to use, in many ways annoying (I have a long list, but spare you the rant) and slow, that I switched back to Musecore at the end of 2019 and haven’t looked back since. Another win for Open Source Software.


Firefox is my browser of choice on all devices. I just like how it’s works.


During this year (2020) I have been shufflin’ my setups quite a bit and in that process also switched my RSS-feed to a local reader. I started to use Elfeed for Emacs and so far am very happy with this workflow. Sticking to one app, certainly make things a lot easier.


This blog is running on Blot.im, which is simply an amazing blogging platform. It’s simple (only requires plain-text/Markdown files) and offer maximum customization.

Bullet Journal

Despite, or maybe even because of, all the digital things, I found in the Bullet Journal-System a task-management system that works better for me than the digital systems I used in in the past. Currently I’m trying to figure out how I can best use it with ORG-Mode which is a new tool for me.


After some testing I found in the Midori MD-B6 Slim the perfect sized Bullet-Journal notebook for me. The size is just right, not too big or small, fits nicely in any bag and the paper quality is superb.


I have accumulated plenty of pens since I started this in 2019 and currently my most used one is the Faber Castell Loom, Gunmetal, EF.